Really, Mr. Sanders are you serious?

First of all, let me say that Hillary R. Clinton has a lot of baggage she will carry into the general election. Most of which did not come from Trump, Sanders or any of their current surrogates.  As a former first lady of Bill Clinton, Senator of New York and Secretary of State she earned it while trying to do her jobs. To say that Sanders is providing fodder in which to use against Mrs. Clinton is not entirely correct. Elected Republicans and their far-right conservative spin doctors would have found enough or will invent material on their own. The proof in that looks how they have treated President Obama, his family, dog, anything or anyone else who has taken part in the current administration.  The other reality is that she knows it. And so do the people who are voting for her. It promises to be a real nasty and classless election period, especially from the Donald’s side.

Let me now reiterate something the “Bernie’s” and specifically Bernie Sanders campaign have known since the Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Florida March 15th primary. He was successful in Illinois, only to lose the other four states. The Sanders people knew at that time his chances of winning the nomination had taken a serious hit. So they tried to load up and bet on New York’s April 19 primary. They got slaughtered in a state he called home as a child. From then on his campaigns pathway to a victory was a closed door. Oh, the possibility existed, but then I’ve never known it to snow in the Mohave Desert.

With a little over three weeks before the June 7th, California, and New Jersey primary the writing, in bold letters is on the wall. Mrs. Clinton needs less than 100 delegates to capture the nomination.  Sanders say but know better, that he will win California. He adds his goal is to open up the Democratic establishment to a slew of new voters who has populated his rallies across this country. Some of those followers have taken a deeper and more obstructionist point of view. Recently, they were involved in a chair-throwing melee in Nevada.  Reportedly death threats were issued by the same crowd against Nevada Party Officials. Of course, they blamed it on Mrs. Clinton’s surrogates who they think are shutting them, thus Bernie out of the democratic process.  The candidate himself pretty much refused to denounce the violence by adding a “but” to his response.

The problem is those supporters have to be directly held back by the candidate. The optics show and the press have co-signed in triplicate, a developing Democratic Divide.  Well, Sanders could have been preparing them for that all along after March 15th.   He should follow Mrs. Clinton lead and pivot to the general election.  If not for the party or country, why not do it for his followers. They need to face the inevitable? They can and should still have an effect in crafting the Democratic Platform. Hopefully, Bernie will do so and get on board with the program before the Democratic convention.

Another reality, some of his followers, who have joined in the process for the first time, will not vote this fall. They will find something else to do rather than vote for Hillary R. Clinton or Donald Trump. As a person who once was young, I understand the frustration of seeing your dreams of support go up in flames. It is doubly painful when no one has smoothed the skids for you. I pray and hope these type individuals are a minimum number of supporters. But you can bet on it; there will be some who will stay home on Election Day. Bernie could have and still can help to minimize that number.

Now, imagine this if you will, President Trump. Let that roll off your lips and circulate in your American brain for a moment. President Donald Trump? You think the George W. Bush presidency was bad?  He says he can act presidential at any time. You think you have to act rather than be presidential?  The best commentary I’ve heard since Trump is trying to calm his party’s nerves. It came from MSNBC Chris Hayes who said it best, “People of Trumps age doesn’t change.” I would add, especially people of wealth with the power of the presidency included in that equation.

If it happens, I am not moving away from my home. No, I am not leaving the United States. I am going to trust in God. He and he alone have the plan. Maybe, according to our father in haven, it is time for someone to blow up the world. You can almost see Trump walking in front of a background of fire. Even though the world burns because of an action or inaction by President Trump, he feels blameless. He is found wandering telling himself, “This is not my fault. I didn’t intend for this to happen so don’t blame me.”

Or there is a better scenario for me. As I’ve often heard my grandmother or other older relatives say time and time again. Especially in the face of an insolvable problem, “This too shall pass as I thrust in my lord and savior, Jesus Christ.”

Peace, make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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