Will The Donald’s Rebranding Work?

I look at Morning Joe, and other shows where the host/hostess is clearly Republican voters are almost begging Donald Trump to take a vacation. Don’t say anything, they advise. Stop putting your foot in your mouth. Just shut up and let Hillary Clinton unfavorable ratings drag her down. They hate their nominee but are all for beating Hillary. Yes, I think Morning Joe is Fox TV light. They keep looking for good news stories (bad news for the US economy) that will pump up the Donald’s candidacy. My comment to all this anxiety is the same question asked by President Obama.

What about having a competent POTUS? Who do you want to answer the White House Phone in case of an issue in which the President of the United States has to make a clear head and informed decision?  In other words, what or who is best for the United States? Do they really care or are the primary and only goal a winning Republican ticket?

Once again we are faced with a clear statement of intent one day followed by clarifying the same statement the following day. I won’t repeat here, but you’ve heard of the “inciting violence” statement with his 2nd amendment remark. In fact, I think that Chris Mathews, of MSNBC Hardball, provided a quote on his show that speaks directly to the point.  It was a quote that stated the following; keeping in mind, John Pastore, the Keynote speaker, was referring to Barry Goldwater who supposedly misspoke as well. “What does the Republican Candidate choose to have anything mean at any given moment? This world cannot wait until Saturday to learn what he meant when he spoke on Monday. The man in the White House doesn’t have the luxury of a second choice. He has to be right the first time,” Mr. Pastore eloquently stated.

For me, I remember a tweet from the Donald in talking about the plagiarized statements from Mrs. Obama in his wife Melania’s speech.  He said, ”Especially if you believe that all press is good press.” That’s a pretty good quantifying statement that would explain all his so-called misquotes or douse any clarification of what he really meant. Meaning he says what he means and means what he actually says.

You got that…former New York Mayor and the Donald’s current Statements Corrector-in-Chief, Rudy Giuliani? By the way, the nerve of this individual to state the Donald went to Milwaukee last Tuesday. He was actually in West Bend, WI, over forty miles away. West Bend is a suburb comprised of ninety-five percent white folks. Giuliani, the liar, actually stated how dangerous that was for the Donald given the recent upheaval and violence over a suspect-with-a-gun shooting. Oh yes, the suspect was shot by a black police officer for the record. And they say Hillary Clinton is a liar.

The sad part for Milwaukeeans and other points in this country is that every traffic stop by a police officer is a potential flash point or reaction from onlookers. People are on edge. The crooks are getting more desperate and dangerous. The police are getting more nervous while dealing with a suspect. And the innocent bystanders are getting in the way of stray bullets. Both politicians have a plan although what that plan is not clear from the Donald. All we get is more code words like “Law and Order will be maintained” on the day he takes office.  As if he is going wave a magic wand and create a miracle while solving the nation’s crime wave before lunch time that day. Really Trump?

And now we have a campaign shakeup by the Donald. In short, I like Hillary’s answer to it; nothing really has changed in his campaign. We all know Donald Trump.  

Having said that here, we go. It’s the rebranding of the Donald. Are you buying this? Will the voting public buy it? Can the Republicans and the Trump operatives fool the American public one more time?  Is the change in tone in time for the November election given Hilary Clinton negatives? The real question is; are we as stupid as these people think we are? Will we vote in a person who should not be President of the United States just because the Donald says he might have hurt a few feelings with his words?

Their obvious inference to the voting public is for us to look at the failed policies of the Obama-Clinton administration. How about Benghazi, her e-mail fiasco, her and husband Bill Clintons pay as you go world foundation? Remember, she never tells the truth. Of course, they use a very narrow narrative to talk about these Clinton issues. You can’t trust her either, they say.  Look, our man appointed a woman as his campaign manager. That proves he likes women. Whether he likes women causes might be a different issue. She (Kellyanne Conway) and newly named, Steve Bannon’s main role is to let Trump be Trump. So why not try something new, like Donald Trump?  Never mind what he said in the past, listen to what he is saying now and in the future up through the November election.  Trump gets things done, they say.

Frankly, you might want to read the New York Times Report (Saturday, Aug 20) entitled, Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Hidden Ties. Then there are his unreleased taxes. How about his cozy relationship and admiration for Russia’s Putin? The full details of that relationship are still coming to light.

Roseanne Barr, Don King, Chris Christie, Ted Nugent, Herschel Walker, Mike Tyson, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, Terrell Owens, Denis Rodman, Stephen Baldwin, Tom Brady, Mike Ditka, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin, are all people who back the Donald. Maybe you ought to read that list of names again. They’ve backed him from the very start through today. You have probably seen a few of them on the Donald’s reality TV Show, “The Apprentice.” One thing is for sure; you will not find these names on any list that involves having great insight on matters of life or country.

The new campaign managers and surrogates want us to believe that Trump gets things done. Never mind his unreleased taxes and business bankruptcies. The fact that he doesn’t realize that this is a democracy, and he can’t be a dictator doesn’t matter. Again, he will get things done. His diplomacy skills and how he goes about trying to get things done is the real question

Here is a suggestion. Check out Nate Silver’s http://fivethirtyeight.com/ if you want fair and accurate reporting on the latest polls. And don’t miss MSNBC’s Joy Reid’s show (AM Joy), at 7:00 am PST on Saturday mornings. It is a great way to put the week’s news in perspective. She doesn’t let the Republican surrogates and the Donald friends take over the dialog and questions of the show.

So…as we noted in the beginning, do you think the Donald would make a good or even adequate Commander in Chief? Could he be diplomatic enough to represent this country in meetings with foreign dignitaries of all nationalities and ethnic groups? Will he inspire more hatred against the US by splinter terrorist groups around the world? There are so many questions involving his temperament, real personality, and motivations actually to do the job. It didn’t take you long to come up with an answer, huh? We have all meet the real Donald, up close and personal.  I rest my case.

Peace, make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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