Will You Cast Your Vote For Our Country?

One Trump supporter said that his candidate won the first thirty-six minutes of Monday night’s debate. He touted his slamming of Mrs. Clinton on the trade pacts that are so unpopular with a majority of US blue collar workers. Personally, I thought it was the first twenty minutes or so and she responded in a manner to believe she was telling the truth. But then let’s give the Donald that first thirty-six minutes. We are feeling so good about this debate that we can spot him a hit or two from the start.

After the first twenty-five to thirty minutes (my calculated time), the Trump surrogate admitted that his man ran out of gas. The Donald simply was not coherent with most of his responses the remaining sixty minutes. He was rude, showed facial expression that resembled a man in a bar after several drinks trying to be audible in a serious trump-clinton-at-debateconversation. He lied about things he supposedly said on the campaign trail. He tried to hym, he-haw and bluster his way through some questions and issues.  All this while the candidate sorely needed a presidential posture. The result, he displayed his lack of knowledge in foreign policy, nuclear armament, the economy, and how to bring about jobs. Also, his plans for fixing this country’s ills are unrealistic and a smoke screen to make the Donald and his businesses money. One last point, he showed the American and World Wide audience he is not qualified to be the President of the United States.

He blamed everything that happened the last thirty years on Hillary Clinton and politicians who don’t know how to run a government. Personally, I think if the Civil War had come up she would have been blamed for that. The real problem is that a lot of Americans want a change in the status quo. The Donald represents that change for them. One Ohio lady was asked by a reporter if after hearing the debate if anything changed her mind.  Her response was “I’m voting for the conservative ticket and the jackass at the head of the ticket.”

If I had been that reporter my next question to her would have been, do you think your vote is in the best interest of this county? That is the million dollar question in this election to everyone. Not the fact that you dislike both candidates for whatever reason. Since the next president will probably be responsible for placing three Supreme Court justices in office. Will you support the cash flow policies given to the top one percent of wealthy people by the Republican House and Senate at the expense of the middle class and poor? Will the same Republican Congress be rewarded for their obstructionist behavior the last eight years? Especially in light of the fact they voiced their intention to and did oppose any policy or spending bills push by President Obama. One could say they allowed the country to go to pot while trying to wait for a Republican President. And their nomination is Donald Trump. I’m asking all that is reading this article and the entire country, do you think by casting your vote for whoever you are backing is for the good of this country? Yes…will you cast your vote for the United States of America?

I’m sorry. Oh? All you “I like Trump,” “I hate Hillary,” “I never did like Obama,” and “I hate all politicians so let’s shake up Washington and kick them all out,” folks had not thought about what is best for our country?

I see some people who can’t stand Hillary or Bill Clinton for one thing or another. Most people don’t go back and see the proposal of certain ideas in the first place. OK, Bill couldn’t keep it in his pants, but he left a surplus that G Dubya (George Bush) squandered during his first term. By the way, a different court decision in the State of Florida and Bush would never have won the presidency. Democrat Al Gore would have been president. That doesn’t mean he would have been a good one, you just never know.

Can you believe all the Trump supporters? I don’t know what to believe, but I do remember the 2012 presidential election. A lot of the polls had Romney winning or at least tied. Afterwards, pundits, political strategist were shocked as Obama cleaned their clock. Romney and his wife did not want to appear in public for a long while. They thought they were going to move to the White House. I bet they had already had their mail forwarded or some little move in advance like that. Republicans were stunned beyond belief.

So the questions now become, why the Donald is so close in the polls when it is clear he is not qualified to be president. Not qualified people, no not suspect, or will have to be surrounded with good people to make it work. This man is not fit to hold the office of Chief Dog Catcher in rural Mississippi. He is the kind of man that will say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, push the wrong button, ensure that he makes money on his decision and swear he knows nothing about it. The man is a pathological liar. Who in their right mind thinks this man can make an adequate Commander-in-Chief? Hands please, yeah, that’s what I thought. Pre-debate, why was this man tied or within striking distance of Hillary Clinton?

Peace, make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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