It’s Much Deeper Than The Donald’s Audio Tape

Wow! It took an audio tape where the Donald was clearly heard talking about grouping women in general and one woman in particular. A tape where he actually used the P word when referring to a woman’s gentiles.  That’s where numerous elected  Republicans, some who are running for office on this year’s ballot draw the line? Never mind all those things he reportedly said that was degrading to and about women, minorities, and anyone else that he disagreed with in the first place. Never mind his so-called principles on law and order.

The fact that he refuses to recognize a confession with DNA results collaborating the real rapist identity of a white woman jogger in New York. He still thinks these teenagers in 1989, who served some time in jail before being exonerated, are still guilty because they confessed after a long ordeal with New York Police. One could say he was advocating lynching these young boys. And to this day, still, think they are guilty? He also wants to bring back the previously ruled unconstitutional Stop and Frisk law.

He lies and pretty much says whatever he wants on a daily basis.  Mrs. Clinton was kind in her description of his part in their October ninth debate. She said Trump delivered an ‘avalanche of falsehoods.’  The rhetoric directed at her and her husband, Bill Clinton along with the Obama administration.  Yet, he is the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Most forward thinking people look at Donald Trump and ask ourselves, how did this man become the Republican nominee? He is clearly unqualified for that or any political office in this country.

But hold on, the fact that Donald Trump is the Republican Parties Presidential Nominee goes much deeper than a gross audiotape. Remember when he was leading Hillary Clinton in a lot of national and state polls? He, along with his surrogates, the entire Republican Party, and millions of ultra and Alt-Right Conservatives, think Hillary Clinton is the Anti-Christ. They thought that they could sneak an unqualified bigot by the American voters as long as he ran against Mrs. Clinton.

They didn’t say much when he is shouting dangerous rhetoric at his rallies. Phrases like, “they wouldn’t do that in the old days. I like to punch them out.”  It was a reference to demonstrators at his rallies.

Oh yes, we look at Donald Trump and ask ourselves, how did this man become the Republican nominee? Well, have you been to the movies lately? Watched TV, listen to some of the songs on the radio? It’s a laboratory demonstration on how to kill and maim with weapons made for killing people. Not for hunting as the NRA likes to tell you. The story lines are brutal and filled with deadly violence. The characters, including the heroes’, are suspect and untrustworthy.  All this, while treating their fellow man as if they are our competition or the enemy rather than our next door neighbor. In real life, since when does it take approximately eight to nine supposedly well trained San Francisco Police Officers with weapons drawn to shoot down a man with a knife, killing him? Killing him (December of 2015) because they felt threaten.  Does that make sense to you… or anybody?

There is an entire genre of music (Gangster and some mainstream rap) where the lyrics used will turn your stomach. They advocate pimping, calling woman degrading names and suggest the only way to the American Dream is to do whatever you have to do to get paid. Our kids (white, black and all) know the words to these songs before they can recite their ABC’s. Society has changed from the sixties style of “We wish you love and peace” to ‘F_ _ _ you, I got mine, now get outta my face son, while I pig out on what’s mine and cash.’  They are just a minority of rappers and entertainers.  But, they are so loud and sell a lot of tapes over and underground.  Sometimes you hear them blasting from their cars at the stop light. Their ways and actions are hypnotic to our young folks.  Especially to those who don’t have good role models or a loving home life. A great example would be households where babies are raising babies if you get my drift.

If not Donald Trump for president, it would have been someone else with the same type of personality and beliefs. Remember the establishment Republicans tried to tone down their man. They tried to tell him to use the code words, dummy. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell advised him to use a teleprompter and don’t go off message. Now, the same man who was part of the meeting that took place after the first election of Barack Obama electing not to cooperate with the new president in any way shape of form.  Now this two-faced American politician says “Don’t ask me about Trump.” Their narrative is still Hillary Clinton is the Anti-Crist. Talk about her, and we will help you get elected. They were all about the Republican majority in the House and Senate.

Remember the first rebranding of Trump begins with his newly selected campaign spokesperson Kellyanne Conway.  She was everywhere explaining what the Donald really meant when he slipped back into his real personality.  You couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie explaining what the Donald meant when he went off message. Just like Maya Angelou once said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time.”

Some may say, by now I am stating the obvious. A post on forwarded to me by my youngest son from Occupy Democrats pretty much starts the conversation. It says “The worst part about Trump isn’t that he’s a racist, sexist, ignorant bigot. It’s that his supporters know that and don’t care.” It only confirms that most people in spite of the narrative you may get in various media outlets know what is going on in these United States today.

Beginning with G Dubya’s eight years, there has been an erosion of race relations in this country.  It was more of a quite storm then suddenly becoming louder and louder during the last almost eight years of the Obama administration.   Various acts, circumstances have aided the continued change in attitudes or even tolerance by a lot of white people toward Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslim and in the last year or so, a closing of their rank and file. It’s that adage of discussion among them that starts with ‘You’re either with us or against us.

Now this is not meant to group a lot of progressive thinking people into a mob. Nor a recruitment for some far right wing skinheads living in the woods of Iowa or wherever. Because you have to keep in mind those people are in the minority of the US population. But, they are a very loud and shrewd minority. They know how to stroke the fires depending upon the latest threat, as they would call it, to white power. We just have to admit that it is there and not shy away from those who would take us back to the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties.

This no-longer-a-subtle change of attitude was aided by the rise of the Tea Party. Who, by the way, was adopted by the Republican Party. So much so, most establish Republicans added in getting them elected and toning down those who ran for office to be presentable politicians.  Do you remember when the Tea Party had placards depicting President Obama as Hitler? They had him dressed in the Nazi’s Army Gear, mustache and hair style. I’d never seen a sitting president disrespected in such a grotesque manner.  We almost know by heart and hear the new Jim Crow code words on a daily basis. They are in the print, broadcast, and internet media.  They normally have a large picture of the perpetrator with the broadcast of the story. Use the code words boys, folks will know what you are talking about, they urge with a wink. You’ve heard them, Law and Order, Only criminals will have the guns, Illegal Immigrants, Good American, Liberal Politicians, Obamacare, and many others too numerous to mention here. The most popular today is, “Make America Great Again.” That’s right boys when you are for the right things and against the things most Good, and Law Abiding Americans don’t like, you’ve got the ticket. They try to wrap themselves in our United States Flag. They do this as if they are the only Americans in this country.

I am still and always will be a man who loves God, Family, Country and all Gods people. As Americans, we have to understand that these divisions in race relations could and do threaten our very Democracy. My summation to these shifting racial attitudes is the outstanding poem turned into a Documentary from Maya Angelou, “And Still I Rise.”

Peace, make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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