BOBSA and the new EBHA

I’ve interviewed Sam Ennon, BOBSA Founder and CO more than a few times over the last couple of years for my Blog Talk Radio Show. In fact, after hearing his opinions through another interview, I conducted; I called him to request a sole interview about BOBSA. During the phone call, I found him to be as personable and honest in his opinion about any subject, as was my first impression.

I also discovered that we had a lot in common, besides being a member of the same era. Specifically, he called it “Connecting the Black Dots” within the black community. It simply means enabling dwellers that bring their hard earned dollars into their community. In turn, they establish a venue that allows each dollar to circulate within that community via an exchange of goods and services before it exits, possible never to return. That ensures that neighborhood served in some ways by a member of that particular community. For the hip-hop crowd, it means people are getting paid and establishing wealth for themselves. Thus there is a rise in the economics of wealth in the community.  People, along with the community become more self-sufficient. It is a concept in which I’ve written, in fact, based my entire Entrepreneurial life on, the self-sufficiency of the black community.

And that, my friends’ is the name of the game in this country. And if you as a person, entrepreneur or community don’t understand that concept, shame on you. You must be aware of why retail stores or other businesses will not relocate or open branches in your community.  Or those that are there may someday move onto greener pastures. And you will be left wondering why you have to travel five miles or so just to pick up a carton of milk and a dozen of eggs. The people in the communities have to support those people of color selling goods and services for they too will spend money within the community.

With the Black Hair Care Industry generating some 9 Billion dollars one can see why this would be important. Black folks should be more than just a consumer while finding a way to get around the monopolization of the industry by the Koreans.

Sam, through BOBSA, is collaborating with the Chinese Hair manufacturers to address these type issues.  As the first sentence in their mission statement says, “Enterprise of Black Hair Alliance (EBHA) is dedicated to a shared effort to create and develop a beauty industry that bridges with the black community.”   That’s the exact opposite of Koreans business practices within the black community. Their idea is to take all that black consumers have to spend, and you will hardly ever see that dollar circulating back into the community. Not unless it’s a black person who works, very rare, for the Koreans.

None can explain it more clearly than Sam Ennon himself. We put together a sort of informal interview of Mr. Ennon by me for your consideration. Listen closely to his description of the details of the Chinese collaboration that will benefit the consumer and entrepreneur. Click on the link below to view the interview.


So take a leap of faith and common sense. EBHA is the place to be for anyone currently in or want to become involved in the Black Hair Care Industry. Contact Sam Ennon, CEO of EBHA at The website is, currently under construction.  His office number is 847-324-3870. Tell him Hamp sent you.

We will provide a progress interview in late January. Stay tuned to my site for details. More updates to come in 2017. Stay tuned and…

Peace, yet stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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