Social Media is getting a bad Reputation

Some in this country would like for you and me, let’s call us the common folk to disregard social media. They especially want us to disregard main media who has embraced the computer age to report their stories. A few years ago, newspapers, magazines, and TV broadcasters depended solely on print media to disseminate the latest news.  Those who advocate a change mostly consist of politicians wanting you to believe their lies and rhetoric. They’ve introduced ‘Fake Stories,’ hacked our emails and contact list. It’s a somewhat new tactic to restrict our access to the news of the hour.

We all know there is a large block of our American society that live and breathe on Fox News. We also know that absorbing Fox News, similar Talk Radio, and Alt-Right media organizations are like subscribing to the news in a tabloid newspaper. One has to sort out what is and what is not true. But then, this article is not about conservative and right wing organizations processes. Nor of their increased political gains or power grabs.

This article is about the value of computers to you and me in 2017.  It is about the need for common folk to search for and find the truth on a daily basis. Computers are the great social and economic equalizer of the last few decades. Knowledge itself is power. And the power of truth comes with your desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

To put this into perspective, we now have the ability to read, hear, and comment on the President-elect of the United States policy thoughts and plans in a simple tweet. His tweets are instantly appearing on all electronic media screens around the world. Think about that for a moment. That means that everyone, near and far who has an electronic gadget that can receive a written text has a front row un-obstructing seat to whatever information’s in that text.

That also means that the owner of that unit has a wealth of knowledge about any subject matter in their hand. No matter your interest; social, economic, or historical, we have access to the largest public library known to humanity.

Oh sure, you can send a picture of your kids birthday party to a friend. You can take a selfie and show off your new body after losing weight. You can send your favorite recipe out to your friends. You can write about your favorite subjects and comment on others pictures and all kind of news stories. You can join groups who have similar interest and exchange some of the same information above. You can send out a video message to friends or a special loved one. Or you can show people where you currently are by recording a live video. Those are the fun things you can do with a computerized digital device.

But then, let me pull the coattail of the uneducated, those that talk a lot without saying anything meaningful.  You are street smart but unaware how to get a legitimate hustle. Or maybe you are just not thinking about the possibilities. Some of us men spend a lot of time complaining about the man, our woman or anybody who is building themselves a present and future. I am not trying to disrespect anyone here; I’m just pointing out an obvious urban problem. There is a way to change the direction in your life. But you have to want it and become serious about it.

What is important and cannot be understated are other uses for a computer (CPU). It allows for an innovative entrepreneur to carve out a way of self-sufficiency in an unspecified number of areas. Get a reliable printer, and you may not have to buy those expensive college books. In other words, a high school drop-out, felon, or homeless person can find themselves a menial job to save for a CPU purchase. Look at it as an investment in your livelihood. Inside of ninety days buy a CPU, Printer and get a smartphone burner and you are on their way. One year later, you have a thriving business. That if handled correctly, will allow you to support yourself and eventually a family. All you have to do is take advantage of the tools at your disposal and grow the hell up.

Oh yes, that is another requirement on your part. You have to become more mature and stop blaming your failures on others. Everyone will not become an adult, a professional rapper, or sports star. People don’t have to act as though they are stupid all their lives. And by that I mean make stupid decisions. You heard the excuse, “Aw man; I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” For that matter, aren’t we all at one time or another?

Newsflash, the world is not your playground to just pass through without contributing something to the very society that sustains you on a daily basis. Get your head out of those fantasy clouds and stop lying to yourself. You possess more capability than you’ve credited yourself.

So please pick a career. Of course, you may have to supplement it with an adult class or two. And please…make it something that will be around and lucrative in the next few decades. Educate yourself and become a hustler in your field of expertise. I am specifically talking to men. They are much slower than women, and that’s a fact.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the political news, this year is going to be a “batten down the hatches,” “close up ranks,” “protect your right and left flanks” kind of year. There is a real class war going on and the other side just landed the presidential office and Congress. We are going to need all our people in the fight. Let’s do more than talk the talk this year. We are going to have to understand there is strength in numbers. So…Happy New Year.

Remember social media is for fun. You may be able to turn a profit with that venue if you are innovative and persistent. But really, as noted use the computerized tools at your disposal, and we will see you on the successful side. Or, find a homeless friend or a convicted felon to hang out with because that is the way you’re headed if you don’t wake up. In other words, some are walking on a banana peel and don’t even recognize it. One major change in their life’s environment and they are on a downward slope. Republicans, Democrats or Society doesn’t care one way or another. And that is on the ‘for real’ side.

Peace, yet stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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