Has Common Sense Left The Building?

I’ve told my wife and friends several times in the recent past. I no longer have my cool stroll. Some, not me, would call it a pimp walk. But most dudes from my era (the sixties) had the stroll walk. For that matter, it goes beyond the sixties. A perfect example of that was the Obama Stroll. Yes, the president had his version. Well today, my stroll is more like a penguin’s walk. The reason is I’ve got arthritic knees. It’s also a case of both knee joints not having much cartilage.

Yeah, it’s a trip growing older, but then the alternative, hold your breath…is death. My wife uses a cane to help her walk, for she has the same problem. Socially, our knees hamper us both from climbing steps, dancing as we once did, or participating during the fellowship period after church services.

With age, as anyone over fifty will tell you, come wisdom. I use to tell my kids as they reached the teenage years. Always, keep in mind that someone twice your age has learned by accident more than you know right now.

This morning I watch a football player on Sportscenter using his cell phone to film a live selfie of himself. The problem, this was at the same time his coach was giving a short speech and instructions after the team had won a playoff game. He posted the live film on Facebook.

Old school people would look at that as disrespecting the game and coach. They would think that player is exhibiting a selfish attitude. It’s a practice that is the exact opposite of teamwork. Most people around his age, especially boys or young men, would ask where is the problem. We leave women out because they mature faster than young men.

As far back as high school, friends would categorize me as a serious dude. “Man you need to relax.” My answer then and now is it’s a serious world. When I partied, which was often, they said I relaxed too much.  Well, unapologetic I am my daddy’s child. As he did, I love, work and play hard. But I never, ever forget who I am, or from whence I came.

I heard Pharrell “Happy” Williams complain during a recent interview that old people and traditions are insignificant. I’m sure he doesn’t mean any and everything as in all subject matter. It does show that a lot of people in his age group are insensitive and uneducated about certain society issues. I love the song “Happy” as does everyone. But being Happy 24-7 is an unrealistic goal for most adults. Being content 24-7, a few steps lower than happy is possible.

In fact, I can tell you that my wife and I are content. We are comfortable with ourselves, life and most of our family and friends. Oh, now and then something always come up, family members who think they been disrespected. Some younger, a few older folks don’t like something I’ve done at some time or the other. In that respect, I always feel if we can’t talk it out, then they have the problem, not me.

I’ve said almost all my life. You don’t have to be brilliant to understand life, but you do have to be living in a world of reality. Lying to one’s self doesn’t help you mature; it only confuses your judgment. Think about it. There is enough confusion pushed by people from all walks and corners of society. It’s hard enough keeping an honest perspective from what’s shown on television, propaganda pushed by certain political groups in this country without adding personal misjudgments or lies to the equation.  One has to stay in the world of society’s reality, not one you’ve created for yourself. You know the kind, where you are always right, and everybody else is wrong. So your attempt to hang with people who believe as you do is not conducive or contributing to your growth as a person.

Common sense must accompany maturity and growth. It always seems to boil down to I am living free, being me and having fun. I’m here to tell you that both are possible, but it requires personal sacrifice. It requires hard work, accepting responsibility, determination and being honest with you and yours. The question, how bad do you want it? Or is it too tough a road for you to travel to reach that particular goal?


That is what separates the OG’s, so to speak from the younger ones. The OG has learned from actually participating in life. The youngster only dreams of what could be and has yet to see that dream become a reality. Instead of taking steps to make it a reality they talk about it. They put it in songs; they write poems about it. They get high and think an idea realized at that time is original. When they find someone else has thought of it, they think the person stole their idea. They interpret it as something that is needed in society but never puts in the work to make it happen. If only I would have, etc., etc. Yes, that is when you wonder what if I had? Well, youngster, you can, but you have to get off your behind and do it, not just talk about it. That is where the saying talks the talk and walks the walk take place.

Education is a must, but common sense is a place where we all need to reside. With both, the sky is the limit. If you have to choose, basic education and good common sense are great ingredients for happiness and contentment. A person’s word is all they have to give you. If you can’t count on that, well, shame on them. Respect your fellow human beings need to be themselves. Your expectations of who a person is or can don’t count unless it’s a politician. They work for us. A lesson in how to live is available from those who have already lived a longer life. However, that older individual must be the teller of truth. Common sense should be a priority in any politician’s character.

And yes there is a higher power for man did got here by walking from the sea evolving into an ape, etc., etc. Your answer to life, peace, and happiness is within you. No human can make your day. It starts and ends with you. If you cannot understand that, then you, my friend will have a problem until you do.


Peace, yet stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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