Reaching Judgment without all the Facts

How many people you know can look at a disagreement at the mall or some public place and tell you who is wrong? Hearing a few words from the participants will provide enough background to convince them they were right with their first evaluation of the scene. They will not agree with most people. But we call it the act of jumping to conclusions without any sustainable facts.
I know, we are in an era of not wanting to get involved because we don’t know what is about to jump off. We are very familiar with that stance in the hood. A little-known secret is most people are of the same mind outside the hood. But then let me stay on subject.
People entering snap judgments are evident in the following example. I saw a Facebook Post the other day that read: Got the job at Walmart $11.00/hr. Thank you, Jesus…
The poster noted “This guy is 32 and has 4 kids. Is this an accomplishment he should be proud enough to post about? At what age is this pay rate unacceptable? Could this be YOUR man??? Would you stay down?”
To be clear, one would note there is no mention of the jobs location or local area in the country. Believe it or not that hourly rate will work, for a start, in some rural areas of the US. Places that grow their own food. Areas a resident can hunt or pull a chicken out of their front yard for the main course in a meal. But that also assumes a lot.
As you might have imagined, there were never ending comments from young ladies and men. There was not a time during the day that I looked back at the quote whereas someone was not writing a response at that moment. A lot of women literally hated the hourly rate. Stating that it was an insult to black men everywhere, they noted that they would not date or be in a relationship with a broke Ni_ _ _.
One woman would post a similar comment. Other women, while co-signing that particular sentiment would add to it or make an entirely different comment. Most meaning the hourly rate was ridiculous and somehow made the worker less than a man for accepting the position. Of course, this would be followed by numerous post, some very descriptive and using profanity which in itself told you a lot about the attitude of the responder. A reader could understand that most of the responders were writing from personal experience.
That should not come as a surprise. Getting a job is an emotional challenge in many ways. Economics, self-worth, community status, and mostly relief (outward and inward) of pressure to get a job and take care of you and yours are the first benefit. But then as we take into account where the job is located and in working for whom. How much you will earn is of vital importance. If there a path for growth, raises, and promotion must be calculated in accepting a job.
But there is no doubt as most men of color have experience, including me, you may have to start your working career at some low rung on the working food chain. Education can help you avoid these dead end jobs. But then there is the rub, most young blacks were not trying to be a good student in high school. They follow the temptations of their environment. And yes that also included the way I choose in spite of being warned by my parents and others. That is still happening in our public school systems today. God bless those students who have the proper guidance in the right direction. And are disciplining enough to stay on the right path to a formal education.
But make no mistake about it, when it comes right down to it. The direction to go is made by the student. For me, wrongly I thought I had the intelligence to catch up with my school mates. So I took a few years off to party. I left high school and joined the Army with my father’s permission and signature. Don’t think that God wasn’t watching over me when I made that decision. Again the point being it is up to the individual high school student to choose the correct path to graduating from high school and attending college even if it’s a junior college. That is why you have to take into account that some black men are going to be behind after finally deciding to join the working crowd. I ended up leaving my hometown to begin a career in the western part of the country. It should be noted that the catch-up game is almost impossible to do in today’s job market.
Most young men, apparently upset at some of the female response, posted that is what is wrong with the dating world today. Noting some of the women responses, a few used it as an excuse to justify their chase of women outside their race. Yes…They went there and often. That brought about a barrage of new comments and others who were already involved in the conversation. The word “B_ _ _ h” was thrown around to describe some of the posters. Some pointed out they too would not date a woman who had four kids. It made me wonder how many of these women commentators actually realized the men have their principles too. Most men, and keep in mind I am talking about men take their marching orders from the head on their shoulders, not the other way around.

Apparently, some of the comments hit an emotional nerve with some guys.
Of course, the more hopeful and realist from both sexes overall comment was at least, it’s a job. The young man was trying to take care of his family and could get other help. A lot of posts stated at least the man wasn’t trying to sell dime bags or involved in some other illegal activities to make ends meet. They advise patience to see where this job leads in the near or distant future. Given the brief background, it was the right choice to make in my opinion.
Peace, stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II
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