Morals for sale, cheap…or Free of Charge

Well, where do I begin? Let’s just say we (Americans) have watched and participated in a morals rudderless society since the days of Ronald Regan’s presidency. Before that of course but let’s begin during that time. Congress forbade any federal funding for the Nicaragua Contras in 1983. An order which the Regan administration ignored and illegally backed them by covertly selling Arms to Iran. The funds from those sales were designated for the Contras.
Remember the Regan administration preying on an economically poor Stateside community by importing Cocaine for sale to support the Contras in Nicaragua. Many overlooked the full details that emerged at the time. Because we were inundated with another bit of a sensational news story that happened to be the Monica Lewinski and President Bill Clinton scandal.
A sexual scandal is precisely the topic of the day with Alabamian Senate Candidate Roy Moore in the news. The question for us all is where our morals are? Let me be sure we are on the same page. Let me remind those who might be unsure of the meaning of morals. It is relating to issues of right and wrong and to how individuals should behave. As Encarta Dictionary states, “derived from personal conscience: based on what somebody’s conscience suggests is right or wrong, rather than on the law says should be done.” Again, where have our morals gone, or do we pack them away for use at a more opportune moment? Do you see the wiggle room in the morals question?
Now gage the behavior we are witnessing, practicing, or judging coming from Democrats and Republicans alike. If politics are not your bag or not personal enough, what about in people you know or your own family? Do you want your child at whatever age to exhibit some of the same moral practices we see on our national news?
We get that various movies, television shows, the music entertainment industry including videos depict disgusting morals behavior. But then let’s think about this subject and our parents. What would your mother and father say about the behavior we see any and everywhere in public these days. How about that old negro saying…” this too shall pass” adapted from the bible? Yeah, I know, I have questions coming out of the ying-yang as should you. Maybe the ultimate question is whether some people really give a damn about what is right or wrong or are they only concern with getting their way…right or wrong? Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey, who happens to be a woman reasoned her continued support for Roy Moore with the following quote, “I believe in the Republican Party, what we stand for, and most important, we need to have a Republican in the Untitled States Senate to vote on things like Supreme Court Justices, other appointments the Senate has to confirm and make major decisions.” I wonder what would be her attitude had she been the mother of one of Roy Moore’s victims.
Most people know the difference between right or wrong. Then some people don’t seem to have a conscience or understand what is best for their own good. Take a lot of the Trump voters who reportedly want to impeach Hillary Clinton. Really! They want to impeach someone who does not hold a political office. Not the guy in office whose administrations favored the Russians help in getting their guy elected president. No, they want to impeach Mrs. Clinton.
You ever get the feeling that these type people are telling anyone who asks them why they voted for Trump, think he’s doing a great job and would vote for him again are pulling the questioner’s leg. They tell him a crock of crap that makes no sense: read of their foolish answers as not fake news but honest opinions. Suddenly someone must revive them because they are laughing so hard at a gullible reporter that has taken their word as gospel. After all, they must have common sense although they voted for Trump in the first place. Really?
When I was a kid in my house, God, Family, and Country was the order of importance and priority. Don’t lie for the sake of lying, be kind to your neighbor and strangers, love and cherish your mother and father for they will not be here forever. Respect the whims of your sisters, brothers, and cousins…they are family. Don’t be rude, don’t act like you are a smart ass, or take advantage of people who just want to help you. You get the picture. Your folks wanted you to be a good citizen and an all-around nice person because good things will come your way. As their children don’t, we have the same qualities. If that is the case, who are these people on our nightly news, living next door or holding political offices. Who in the hell are their parents? Why do so many people lack basic morality?
They all look to be mature and intelligent until words come out of their mouth. Whenever one of our friends would visit and say something stupid or didn’t make sense. My parents would wait for them to leave and ask my sister or me “Whose child is that?” “Who are their parents?” Or worse…” Who is raising that fool?” At that point, you knew you needed to change friends. And…you are required to refine your way or picking friends. Either way, you got the message. I know, I know, it’s not everybody, but the numbers seem to be growing larger. Once again, where are these people parents?
Maybe when it comes to corporate profits, individual wealth, and political power, morals are put away and unpacked when needed to make a talking point.

Peace, stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,
Codis Hampton II
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