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Well…where do I start. Why don’t we summarize? That way I won’t get so long winded. The Donald still occupies 1600 Pennsylvania. Congress is still eating out of the palm of his hand. On a given day, Thirty-five to Thirty-seven percent of some group of people support Trump no matter what he has done, is doing or will do in the future. I, just like most of you are unsure what number of people that percentage is supposed to belong too. I am beginning to think like Hillary and numerous others. They are strange, very strange. I do know that thirty-seven from one hundred leaves sixty-three. What that means well over a majority of some people doesn’t like Donald’s policies. As you know, the new supreme court justice is sworn in despite the baggage of sexual misconduct claims. We are in such a crisis in America today. Our entire way of living along with what this nation is supposed to champion is being run over by the Donald Confusion Express. There is a solution to the problem.

The big mantra today is to vote, vote, vote, and vote. Go to for details. There is no reason for you not to vote.

Let’s not get caught with our pants down as we did in 2016. For God’s sake let’s not repeat that disaster. For God’s, our parents, cousins, and all America’s sake let’s make a change in political representatives during these mid-term elections. We can no longer stand by while whatever is growing in the white house fully develops. The little orange man as someone called him is just getting started with changing this country into a place we don’t recognize as the United States of America.

Remember when civility was a common practice in Congress? Do you remember when Democrats and Republicans would go to lunch together? There was a time when collectively they would come up with good ideas for the betterment of this country. Now all you have is partisanship. Up is down, down is up and the only thing that is constant? Every day we are getting screwed by the Republican political representatives in power.

I don’t blame anyone for not tuning in every day to see or hear what they are taking away from us. Some days I have to let it go to maintain a sense of reality. On those days, I wander around searching for truth and justice from anybody, anywhere about anything. I just long to hear something that makes sense; is not a damn lie.

I remember when politics was not a dirty word. Watching a debate now is like watching a wrestling match. You know its fake, but you cannot believe the inhuman spectacle before your eyes. Integrity, fairness, indeed the truth is buried in a sea of grunts, nicknames, outright lies that have now confused the media. Have you noticed they are looking for ways to justify the lying of Donald as some abnormal physic analytical defect in Trump? Me, I prefer the old black person’s description…” He is a damn lie, and the truth isn’t in him.”

Keep it simple. Keep it real as my daddy would say. “That cat has a problem. I am glad I don’t have to be around him. Or I might catch whatever the hell it is.

Listen, do me and the rest of the country a favor. Why don’t we, the sixty-three percent vote in large numbers to effect policy direction change? For people of color, what’s left of the middle class, Americans from all walks of life. For all those who not only envision but are witnessing the death of our rights, laws, and moral compass. Are we going the way of the German people before World War II? Are we becoming blind to the trampling of our rights by a select few? Are we to stand by while our country’s way of conducting its business is scrapped; replaced by whatever Donald wants on any given day?

We start by voting. Not registered, click on Need to check to ensure you are registered. Want to know your voter ID requirements in your local area? Go to

It doesn’t matter how far we must go, how long we must stand in line. We have got to turn this trend around during the midterm. Join me like millions of others as we let our collective voice be heard over the fake news cries or howling from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Vote for a Democrat to stop the Donald.

After all, it’s our country, not some rich folk play toy.       

Peace & Blessing…stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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