My, My, My, What a Mess

“My, my, my, what a mess” is one of those phrases from African America lore. In this usage, mess meaning the equivalent of excretion. One can surmise the situation untenable, making no sense. I love these kinds of phrases as they remind me of conversations I’ve had with members of the older generation of black folk. A phrase often uttered after discovering a major problem. It doesn’t matter what it is or where it came from; the fact that its importance affects the speakers’ thought process is a major clue. The speaker doesn’t have the words to say how ridiculous, stupid, or whatever adjective you want to add to the conversation. So, what do you take from the words, “my, my, my what a mess?” There are no words. That’s the point. It’s a phrase meaning dumfounded by the subject matter.

That is the feeling you get when you try to make sense of the Republican defense of Trump’s actions …oh, take your pick of pretty much any decisions/directives that come out of the White House. Or as some educated folks say…” These are troubling times for our democracy.”

Personally, as a former civilian worker for the Department of Defense, it is beyond the scope of my imagination to think that a foreign country has successfully interfered with our national election process. I never would imagine that an elected US president goes against our American ideals with almost every major act, directive, or cancellation of agreements. In the movies, but not in real life. He continues to have the support of a third of Americans. You can also bet cash that a lot of people are turned off by the political noise. They are just sick of it. Unfortunately, uninterest in the processes or going along with the administration’s flow is some folks’ way of dealing with it. Scary enough, it reminds me of how the Nazi Regime grew to power in Germany. As they say, if you don’t know your history you are bound to repeat it. Let that resonate for a moment.  

Words like criminal, unamerican, treason run through the minds of most people who have followed this administration. It’s such a shocking development, that being the 2016 election, we’re left wondering how this man got elected even with foreign social media hits. Why knowing or suspecting the kind of president he would be, did they vote for him?

 Is American History so long ago that they forgot the reason for the formation of this country? Are they not familiar with the reasons for the Civil War? Or are we ready to abandon all things American for some other type of government?

All is not lost. It’s like the scene I describe as a misnomer. Every day a non-person of color passes this street corner. There is an assortment of black people milling around the outside this grocery store that also sells liquor. Some dressed normally; others look like bums, people who don’t have a home. A couple young folks can be seen passing or selling drugs. The women dressed like whores or have on skimpy clothing. There is a four-way stoplight at this intersection. That allows a couple of people to walk up to cars asking for a handout. The person in the car sees what seems to be a middle-class neighborhood. It certainly doesn’t look like the ghetto they’ve seen in the movies.

Sooner or later, that person is going to form an opinion of the race of people he or she sees at this corner day in and day out. They all must be like that because those are the only representatives of the black race he sees daily. Oh, they know black folks working at the professional level. But they become to believe those professionals are anomalies. No, the true representative of the black race is on that corner. By the way, it’s the same contingent of actors he sees on black television series or the movies.

If he or she took the time to examine the race or people, they would find people on that corner may represent about eight to ten percent of the black race. The reason they leave a false impression on his mind is they are loud, in your face kind of people. Eventually the passerby feels that all black people are the same as on that corner.

We know that a third of the American voting public from all races is just that, one-third of the voting public. Nowhere near a majority, meaning that the other two-thirds are Americans would not have voted for this individual. Then the mystery is why do we pay so much attention to that one-third of the voting public.

We do so because those people get our attention by their noisy activity, unexplainable civic ideas. ‘They’re so loud’ comes to mind. Then to hear that almost ninety-nine percent of the angelical groups support this administration no matter what they do, is mind-boggling. What bible are they reading, or they subscribe to what religion?  

I still believe in the values of this country and in the people to solve its problems. Sometimes it seems to take a long time. But we are still considered a young democracy when measured against the rest of the world. The keyword here is that the United States is a Democracy, not a tyrannical regime. We will prove it once again in our 2020 elections. If…if we find someone who can rally the Democratic Party.

Finally, let me leave you with this thought. I watched a documentary on the Jewish Holocaust. The American soldiers had just discovered a Nazi Regime death camp for Jews. They insisted that the German townspeople bury the dead who had wasted away because of a lack of human care. One lady who lived in the town which housed the camp didn’t want to participate; she told an American Officer, “We didn’t know.”

The GI looks angrily at the woman while stating, “You should have known.”

What kind of country will this be if Trump is re-elected, serves another four years?                           

Peace & Blessing, stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                          

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