HRO Admin. and the Current Presidency

Most have heard of the Gabrielle Union dispute and ultimate firing from the voice. A smaller number of people may have heard that Afton Williamson quit ABC’s “The Rookie” series back in July. She noted the reason was after her complaints during the first season of racial bullying and sexual harassment simply ignored by the powers that be. The complaint covered behavior as far back as the spring of 2018 and throughout Season 1. She indicated in an August 4th TV Line article that she “experience racial discrimination, racially charged inappropriate comments from the hair department, including sexual harassment from a recurring guest star.” The shows reaction, or “HR protocol was never adhered to,” nor was “an investigation” issued for any of the complaints.

I’ve worked in both environments as a government and private concern employee or manager. I know that most white people I’ve talked to about racism in the workplace didn’t want to hear about it. Never mind did it happen; they don’t want to discuss it. Pushed, you will get various views on the subject. Most will be opinions that are not conducive to a healthy HRO program. The difference between the government work environment and private concern is like night and day. Private companies have a Human Resource (HR) Office. Some often act as if it’s a wasted position. Most times, they immediately want to brand the complainer as just that, one who is a constant complainer. People who should feel lucky to have a job. 

Many times, the perpetrator in the complaint can’t understand the problem or don’t think they have done anything wrong. Some may go so far as to say; there isn’t a problem. Either the complainer is a screw-up, or they are thin-skinned. They can’t take it, act like an immature baby, or fire them as incompetent. In short, “sit down, shut up, go along to get along.” Why they are always surprised to see people of color not follow their short edict is beyond me. This practice is not a Donald Trump invention. It’s more of “thirties, forties, fifties” white male perceived masculinity imbalance of their interpretation.    

Presently we are in a place where up is down and down is up in this society. Trump perpetrates that state of “Tweet” mind. People who don’t like you for race alone are emboldened to act. They feel they have the political cover to act out their aggression. Previously suppressed dislike in some have come bubbling up to the forefront. They are edged on by white power websites or similar groups to commit some demonstrated act to show their racism.   

The media report that we are a divided country. They don’t call it what it is, instead offering an opinionated view that the divide is among political preference. When, in fact, the divide is between people of color or the white race. The current presidential administration, along with his political party are happy to exploit that divide to stay in power. Meanwhile, our country suffers from this new now. We not only suffer in worldly shame for not standing up for the ideals of Americans. But we also suffer in economic ways that we may not feel for a few years. An objective that’s was a consideration in the Trump tax bill passed by the Republicans.

The ideals, goals on which this country built are questioned, ignored, challenged by those who want to maintain their power structure hold despite their now being the minority. So those in a position of authority feel free to practice their hateful behavior toward people of color or Jews. It’s a perfect example of the effect any current presidential admiration has on the people of this country.

We, as sixty percent of regular citizens now, ask, what kind of governmental representative do we want to represent we the people? Where do our loyalties lie with Russia’s Putin or our entire USA legislative body, along with its checks and balances? I ask, have we ever looked to Russia as an example of anything except a tyrannical state.

For that forty percent of Americans who consistently back this Admiration no matter what horrendous act Trump perpetrates on American Society, shame on you. History will interpret your behavior is truly Un-American.  

All that’s needed for the entire USA to right itself and regard its neighbors as people of value is to remember whose birthday is on December 25th. That would be Jesus Christ. Follow his teachings, not Trump or Putin; you can’t go wrong.

Who do we place our trust in to run this country? Our decisions toward political matters are to ensure that our children and their children live in a country that helps them grow as people. They should be free to express themselves freely without fear of a dictator’s wrath because of certain topics.  

Peace & Blessing, stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                          

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