From Hamp’s Corner of America,   August 27, 2020… by Codis Hampton II

There is a stranger in our midst. Who is that protester committing unauthorized acts under the guise of our organization?

You would think that sooner or later, we would learn all is not always what it looks like at the outset. Let me explain; there is a video going around Facebook stating that a Black Lives Matter protester beat up, kicked a white man. The video has identified one of the attackers as Marquise Love.

What caused me to look closer at this story was a posting by a former coworker on Facebook that Black Lives Matter is a racist organization. That is absolutely a false characterization. If you don’t believe it, google it.

The background of this story has so many tentacles; one is not sure how to surmise what happened on Portland’s Street. Did the victim begin by trying to run over protesters with his truck? An innocent bystander, I wonder if that is correct? More like a misunderstanding between the act versus his intention. One thing is for sure, just because a person is wearing a BLM Tee shirt doesn’t make them a member of the organization. How many times must we remind people that some of those among the protesters are thieves, criminals, out of town plants by white nationalists?

As if we needed another reminder of why protesters are out in the streets. Another young black father (Jacob Blake) is shot in back by a policeman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, some forty miles from my hometown of Milwaukee. No doubt, the cops will use their tried and true excuse, “I felt my life threatened.” This as if the very nature of the job doesn’t carry risk to life and limb. The most self-serving organizations in this country are the National Rifle Association (NRA) leadership and Police Unions.

Our young folks take to the street. Others, among them, sometimes burning, looting as if this is their only option. Reminds me of a saying my grandmother used to say when all seem lost, “I am tired of being tired.”

A seventeen-year-old white boy arrested on August 25th for killing the two people gunned down on the third night of the Kenosha protest. Kyle Rittenhouse was the young white boy videotaped while opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle. He was also heard saying, “I just killed somebody. It seems like this country is on the verge of exploding from riots, pandemic, and police with hurt feelings. This is where we are when there is no leadership in the White House.  

We got people from all walks of life who are going stir crazy because of the shelter-in-place rules. They tweet or post on Facebook screw America in much stronger terminology. Some folk forget the bloodshed, lives lost by our ancestors, other Americans to make this a free country that allows freedom of speech. That’s right, people of color died for the right of some anti-protesters to banish guns in front of their property at peaceful demonstrators—this country’s built on the slavery efforts of people of color. Bodies of our ancestors are resting along the sea lanes of slave ships from Africa to the grounds of the United States.

Now, because of Trump-Republican Party Rhetoric, Portland Police, among other cities angry because people have the nerve to protest the militarization of US citizens police departments. They are appalled because we disagree with their shoot first ask questions later attitude. Black folks are getting shot, hung, rights trampled, etc. etc. while the Republican Party tells their voters they should be afraid of us. It reads like the script of a B movie, simply unreal. We have the Proud Boys, their far-right friends showing force by attacking protesters. Reportedly they are using fireworks, aluminum bats, paintball guns, mace, anything they can get their hands on that inflicts pain. An upset Portland Police Department looks the other way.

Meanwhile, again Trump is promising law and order against the protesters, not the far-right groups but the protesters. Not so funny is how he can prescribe law and order for us while he or his cronies are not living up to the principle of laws. All while hiding his dictator ambitions. He wants to be president for life and cannot understand the meaning of words like Freedom, Voting Rights, Democracy, or a pandemic. We are close to becoming a communist state because of Trump.

Yet, another force is above a man who we hope will bring this crap to a screeching halt. His name, God. Yes, I believe prayer works, for I pray for us all each morning. In the words of the old negro spiritual, at least that is what we call it, “this too shall pass.”

We are also reminded of Maya Angelou’s quote, “If someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” We know who Trump is, regardless of who he tries to immolate. We know who the Proud Boys and their like are, as they prove it every day. We know they do not represent all white people.

And yes, we disagree with folks roaming the streets, breaking into buildings, looting stores for personal gain. It’s a waste of damn time, effort, and resources. We know who they are too. Yet we are proud of our young people who are demonstrating for the common good of all Americans. I would think the only so-called protesters in the streets at twelve am in the morning are up to no good. We love that our sports teams are standing up for change via legislation. They are boycotting, for the first time, games to show their support for change in police tactics.   

I don’t believe there will be a race war in this country. That despite those who perpetrate such ideas. Why, because there is a core of Americans of all colors which will not stand for extremist on either side to take over this country. The question is, will we show up in force on November 3rd, election day.

Once again, it starts on November 3rd. Vote Democratic to return some semblance of decency to our cities, our country, and indeed our lives. Don’t give in to the rhetoric, intimidation, fear, misunderstandings, or crap spread by empty promises. This is not a third world country, listen to your heart, not your temper.

Be angry enough to vote early or show up, do what is necessary to cast your vote. A vote against Trump, the Republican Party, sends these extremists back underground. A place where they were comfortable trying to spread their hatred for all things morally correct. Let’s take our country back from Trump World.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                          

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