Happy New Year to We the People

We welcome a New Year of 2021. Collectively, as Americans, we may have never wished for a new start as we do this new year. No need to go over the why; I know most feel like it is our country’s rebirth.

For the last four years, we all have had one purpose as we awoke for a new day. Before brushing our teeth, showering, or any other morning ritual, most poured a morning cup of hot coffee. Next, still in their pajamas, they turned on the morning news. Do you remember the relief you felt when at least Trump had not started World War III? Never mind the other stupid things he said via Text the night before. There was always some idiotic plan; a former president Obama rollback via Executive Order. Again, at least he had not started a war with Mexico, Iran, or whoever.

Thank God we have survived, arrived, even passed January 20th. Exhausted over the last four years, we can at least go through our morning body maintenance before turning on the news. Hell, we may not even check on the local or national news until later in the day.

One last check of the morning news, we are pleased to see the Marine One helicopter on the White House lawn.  It carried away the worst President in this country’s history. At the very least unproduceable, the end of a volatile Trump term and a mob’s direct attack on Democracy.     

All right, folks, the Donald is gone. Numerous people from the legal community presenting summons will want him as the star witness in all types of show and tell cases. He aims to stay relevant. I say never mind Trump. He was the figurehead of the United States problem.

To figure out what happened, one must remember the President of the United States is the government’s head. He is the Commander in Chief. In other words if our government is not working for the people of the country? It is the president’s fault. The Trump administration either placed a hold on agencies or directed new procedures. The result brought certain aspects of the people’s government to a status of inactivity or attempting to implement unworkable processes.   

Well, that figurehead is gone, leaving behind a complete mess. However, you will now see the resilience of the people’s government. All because there will be a new administration at its head. The future looks as bright as the sun shining in the blue sky today.  

Let us not forget one of the biggest problems Trump let fester, gave status to extremists that threaten this nation’s Democracy. What we have to contend with, in fact, keep on a twenty-four-seven watch are those people who stormed the capitol on January 6. White Extremist is their collective name, and racial violence is their aim. It’s their mantra, one that occupies their every thought during a waking hour.

For now, happy New Year to We the People. We dodged a bullet allowing the extremist to ransack the capitol building in DC. Then again, we are the Americans that support the current Democracy. We are the majority that insists our country follow its mantra, “One Nation, under God with Freedom and Justice for all.”

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                          

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