Hey you, the unvaccinated Ones

Hey you unvaccinated people. What is wrong with you? Why would you want to put your friends, neighbors, associates, family, or teammates through the possibility of catching COVID19 from you? What is so all-powerful or means so much to you that you can put all the above at risk. 

Being in the age of vulnerability and having some of the medical issues that attract COVID, my wife and I got vaccinated over six months ago. Last week we got our Pfizer booster shoots from our medical provider. On Sunday, I found that a cousin of mine died from COVID19. I should also mention that he had additional medical issues. But the point here is people are still dying from this virus. It’s not the time to be flippant about getting vaccinated. Or, for that matter, reluctant to wearing a mask out in public.

I know about maintaining one’s individuality. I understand the need to be always independent. But, frankly, I am with you when it comes to being asked to do something rather than being told to comply with whatever. It’s all right except when it comes to your health and welfare, your family, and others. There lies the main reason for all to comply with the experts’ suggestions to get vaccinated rather than not.

There have been reports that vaccinated folks can spread the virus too. Some people of color have wondered if the entire vaccination program may be a (fill in the blank) sham on black people. They refer to the Tuskegee Experiment as the basis for this notion. Some have cited religious reasons for avoiding the shots. Others have used the tried-and-true reason. When you ask the guy on the corner why they won’t get vaccinated, his answer is “Because.” They have no specific reasons except.

As for NBA sports stars, who would not be allowed to play home games in their arenas? The league announced they would not be paid for games missed. Suddenly it became an economic problem along with a good teammate, public pressure, or a good health issue. Although given the possible amounts of money it would cost them to sit out games, some are making a favorable financial decision. They did or will get vaccinated soon. Although, you’ve got to think that public pressure, along with supporting your teammates, also came into play.

Mandates to get vaccinated have been asked of Government employees, numerous industry workers, and states employees. Most with the threat of being fired if you do not comply. California’s governor Gavin Newsom recently mandated vaccinations for school-age children and teachers. 

We have learned of many more reasons we should get vaccinated for the betterment of our health. A new study finds that overall, vaccinated folks are less likely to spread the virus even if they catch the coronavirus. “It’s the highest quality study we have so far on the question of infectiousness of vaccinated people infected with delta,” said University of Pennsylvania infectious disease physician Dr. Aaron Richterman. It is important to note he was not involved in the research project.

 You can check out the site at https://usafacts.org for information regarding specific states.

There are the obvious, vaccine-preventable diseases have not gone away and are expensive. You hear of capacity-filled hospitals with virus-infected people every day. Yet, today’s news is also filled with people changing their minds while becoming compliant with vaccination directives.

“It’s just too soon to tell. We have to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we’re going to do at a particular time.” Those are the words of our Chief White House Medical Adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci as a guest on this past Sunday’s CBS Face The Nation. He is commenting on a question of should we be concerned with holiday gatherings during the last two months of this year.  

In the end, it is simple. But, let us get real, folks; our lives depend upon it.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                   Author & Commentator

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