Draymond Green’s Punch

Teammates, Sportswriters, other NBA players, and an assortment of commentators have given their take on the Draymond Green punch of Jordan Poole. Well, I look at this incident from a Warriors Fan perspective, adding a lot of old-school hood flavor.

To begin, I have sympathy for my brother Poole from the same city, Milwaukee, as I do. It’s a small city, ninety miles from Chicago, with a working man’s hard-hat personality. But, as in any hood, when someone walks up to you and gets in your face. The natural reaction is to shove him back, which is Jordan’s reaction. This is where Draymond’s next move is inexcusable, considering who he is. He, supposedly the heart and soul of the team, reacted as a fellow from the hood. Anybody shoves you warrants an instant reaction. Thus, he punched who he suddenly interpreted as the aggressor.

 Yes, we know disagreements among teammates within male or female sports can result in punches. Then again, you know how the saying goes, take the boys out of the hood; they will still have hood tendencies. The difference here is where they currently reside in theory and person. It also includes the amount of money in their bank accounts. Finally, the fact that this punch was filmed and leaked to the national press places enormous scrutiny on the act.

My fault lies with Draymond. He should know better than to instigate a predictable reaction by walking up to a teammate’s face. He was so close to Jordan’s mouth that he could have given him COVID-19 if Draymond had it. But, instead, what did he expect the kid to do? Take the disrespectful act as a teachable moment. And then to follow that up with punching Jordan because he shoved you.

As a fan, I am sad to say Draymond has worn his teammates out as an elder spokesman, fellow player, enforcer against opponents, or anything representing the Warriors. It’s time for him to move on, including therapy of some type to address his demons, at a time in our black neighborhoods when individual fights never seem to settle a disagreement. Often it ends up with opponents bringing in their parents, other family members, or homies to settle the score. We don’t need to see gifted, wealthy individuals on our TV screens acting as if they are on a street corner in the hood.

You, Draymond Green, must be better than that. You can not go through life throwing punches because you disagree with someone of whatever. You have children. Does that not present you with the obligation of being a role model for them and various children in our neighborhoods?   

I read that you have apologized. That’s all well and good. But you, like millions of NBA fans, living in the hood or not, understand Jordan Poole and his teammates will never forget that punch. He, as he has, may accept your apology, but he will never forget. It’s a thug-like punch who happened to be his teammate. No matter what was said beforehand, you got in his face. You wouldn’t take that from anyone. So what made you think that Jordan would accept it?

 This incident will linger until Draymond is traded or leaves the Warriors on his own. Because of all his idiotic past behavior and the punch, he has put himself in an untenable position. In my opinion, the team will be better off without Draymond. You can bet a tell-all book from Green will follow shortly after leaving the team. Thanks for the memories, especially your contribution to the championships. But again, you’ve worn out your welcome. Please get some help and good luck in all future endeavors.       

 Peace, blessings, stay healthy, and vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                            Author & Commentator

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Golden State Warriors after KD

It is always easier to voice an opinion on someone’s lifestyle other than your own. Yes, I am a Warriors fan. I should admit that I was one who thought they would never get their lackadaisical season play corrected in time for last years playoffs. They fooled me by doing just that going on to win the championship. Even with a weak bench.

Well, here we go with major drama for the 2018/19 season. I will say that I thought it began with Kevin Durant. The fact that he decided to be non-committal on his future after the end of this season. Why? Only Kevin knows the reason. But that added to the ramping up rumor mill of “Can Lebron lure KD away from the Warriors. Or will he go anywhere other than return to the team that allowed him to win a championship?

We do understand the errors in judgment made by youth. Especially a rich young person. We were young at one time.  As a result, we are still suffering from suspect decisions we made about our professional life. To end this comparison, we, like you and everyone else made it out of our immature stage.

The bottom line, the uncertainty of where Kevin will play next season initiated by him was not a team-oriented decision. There lies the crux of the problem.

That doesn’t excuse the actions of Draymond Green. But I would bet he is not the only teammate that feels taken aback by Kevin’s stance. I don’t think they have any doubt s about his play during the season. However, with his stance, he’s highlighted his sense or lack thereof team in my mind.

The one thing you can say about Draymond, he is a 100% team player on or offseason. Eventually, no matter the place, time or incident, he is going to speak his mind. That is the underlying issue in their flare-up. I for one like the idea that Dray may have said: “We have won without you.” That is an indictment on KD’s non-committal stance.

Now all the other stuff that was part of the disagreement; that’s on the both of them. Should they reconcile, remain friends on and off the court. That too is on them. Remember I am just giving my opinion. I don’t think either one will forget this flare-up. Some analyst has suggested the team may lose both players.

At the beginning of the season when Kevin’s quoted as “keeping his options open” regarding signing the next year. My first thought was to move on brother. This had to do with the way he seems to change his mind so much. Who he wants to play with or what will be his role. Does he want to be the man on the team? Or did he want to be part of the background as he has voiced to others? If he doesn’t want to be with the Warriors, then let him go where ever he wants. Thanks for the contribution but the Warrior train is moving on down the track. All aboard who wants to be aboard. Thanks for a visit.

My hope is they sign DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins to a long-term deal. Think of it. Boogie is playing with the rest of the Warriors. He may not be as cerebral as Durant. Or as great of a player. But he will patrol that center position like no other. Something the team hasn’t had since…well, a long time. And he has shown himself to be a good teammate at Sacramento and New Orleans. They have now lost three in a row with Curry and Dray out. Kevin is playing but not shooting well either. Basketball is still a team sport with only five teammates on the floor at a time.

In other words, let’s not worry about whether Kevin Durant stays or goes to another team. We enjoyed him while he was here but it’s a team game. He is a player who may never be satisfied. The Warriors have won without him. They now have a chance to get an outstanding center who shoots the three with ease. Go for it if Kevin wants to move on.


Peace & Blessing…stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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