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Kyle and Jamal Returns…,

As Flies on the wall, they will once again report on the Washington DC Political Scene.

It’s been over fourteen years since Kyle and Jamal roam the halls of Washington DC. Some of you may remember their exploits, if you can call it that. They were very active during the Bush presidency. They went with G Dubya on one of many vacations to his ranch in Crawford Texas.
It was kind of cramped on the way back as they hitched a ride on a truck carrying a load of live cattle back from Texas.  Of course it was dangerous as they had to watch out for the cattle waving and swishing their tails in an attempt to kill or at least shoo the flies off their massive bodies. “It was like trying to get some rest on an obstacle course. Cow tails were constantly in the air flying all over the place.”  Jamal remarked as he shuddered at the memory. Kyle, who always look for the positive light or teaching moment in any situation stated that it was like attending a home-coming while meeting cousins and other relatives in that truck. They survived that trip to report another day.
They hung on the walls of then Vice-President Chaney’s office, including his undisclosed location. They were in the House of Representatives and Senate meetings.  The joy in following these two is you get to listen to the conversation taking place between politicians and others about current events.  Talk about getting information from the horse’s mouth. You can read about their adventures in “The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp.” See the details for my latest book on that specific page tab within this website.
Well, both of the fellows have graduated from Fly University or FU if you will. You should see their schools hand sign, it could be interpreted as obscene by humans. They are actually working part-time as free-lance reporters. Ironically, both are gathering information in anticipation of completing their first book with different subject matter. Kyle is a mystery novel entitled “The Flies in the Hall.” I am not sure where this hall is located or the type of building. Kyle says that’s part of the mystery and he is not giving that information out at this time. Ummm?
Jamal’s book is a comedy entitled “Fly Who or What to the Moon?” Just like his partner, he is not giving up any information either. Wow, they are so secretive. It’s not like I am going to tell anybody or steal their idea.  But then hey, I respect their privacy.
The good news for me is they have agreed to report their future travels in DC.  It comes just in time for this wave of Republicans that a majority of one third of this country’s voters is sending to Washington. They will have the majorities in the House and Senate. So the Republicans think they have a mandate from the will of the people Did I say only one third of eligible voters in this country actually voted in the mid-terms?
With Kyle and Jamal, you are going to hear the conversations as they hear it. There will be no sound bite reporting here. I personally think we are going to have some fun telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Stay tune for the fireworks in 2015, or as Jamal says, “My man, thanks Hamp for bringing us back in the fold, it’s gonna be real. You feel me?” 

Note: Their wanderings and meetings observed will only be reported on this site on a bimonthly basis. So, as the political and social world turns our friendly flies will provide their take on what is or really is not going on.