Rich (Tycoon) Hampton

I’ve been at this music thing since I was 12 years old. I’ve always understood that not everyone will like your music, but what I didn’t understand is why no one saw the skills I possessed as a person. Not 1 person took my skills seriously until @keembeats & @theboogieshack took notice of what I was doing behind the scenes. With that said, I am officially the VP of #AandR at the Boogie Shack. I can’t help but feel relieved that all of the work that I’ve done has paid off. I’m in good company & with a good company that understands me and respects me enough to pay me for what I’ve done for quite a few people for free. Yes I am happy, Yes I am proud of myself, and no I’m not going backwards. Shout-out to these 2 good brothas, Hakim & Jerry. Thanks for giving me a seat at the table & Cheers to the future. Tycoooooooon! #StillOutHere…Nov 14, 2018

AO Logoaomedia-topbanner-final-ao

Copy of AOMerchPromoJuly2018_MatteBlue 2

AO, All Original New Gear Brand from Rich Tycoon…Order from….

Chapter 34, New music from Rich Tycoon

36093 Chapter 34

Check out the full download of cuts at

Here is the cut “My Family” from the Chapter 34 CD.

Camo AO Cap with Africa   Poet Greg Speed Sr in AO Cap 1


We are about tightening it up, staying relevant, and moving forward at all times. This is Hamp’s Corner of America.  

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