My Country, Tears for Thee

I am an avid fan of Joy Reid. She burst on the scene in the mold of Rachel Maddow, both excellent political commentators are on MSNBC. So here I am going through my Saturday (8-12-2017) morning ritual of cleaning out my email while watching Ms. Reid during her 7:00am-9:00am show.
A little over a half hour into the show as Ms. Reid was reporting on Alt Right’s march on Friday night, came “Breaking News” as they say. Filmed as it was happening Saturday morning, pictured were thugs for lack of a better word holding white shields with a black X painted on them. They were shown attacking counter demonstrators while protecting their own space in the street. Bottles were being thrown from in back of the protestor’s line. Some of the shields had KKK printed on them. There was no sign of a police officer, National Guard, or any crowd controlling authority.
It was like watching a gang fight that would die down for a minute. Words were shouted, and someone would be pulled in the demilitarized center. One or two of the shield welding group of white nationalist or KKK would proceed to strike the victim with whatever they had in their hand. Eventually, they would pull back into their group feeling good about their personal conquest. Someone would start right back up when confronted with someone who was an enemy in their mind. The only bodies missing were anybody in authority. Later on that afternoon, a pair from one of the white supremacy groups ran down a bunch of counter-protesters on the sidewalk with an automobile. This act resulted in one death and numerous injuries. Twenty-year-old James Alex Fields has been arrested and charged with murder in the case.
The Donald came out hours later on Saturday and made a comment that many sides were involved. After two days passed, he was goaded into making a public statement prepared by his handlers. By Tuesday afternoon, the real Donald Trump came out in force. In the words of the late Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
Millions of Americans already knew who the Donald was by his actions over the years. In spite of all the evidence that came out during the campaign. A large enough of voters in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania disregarded the evidence and voted for him. They helped get elected. It has yet to be reported if all those people are members of the White Nationalist Party or KKK. It is highly unlikely. There are all types of races and creeds in that voting bloc. If they were unsure of before, they now should know who and what Donald Trump is and stands for.
Now, what is the question we all should ask ourselves? Where do we go from here? The President of the United States has outed himself. White Nationalist, KKK, Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and their supporters are not to be trusted with our country. Their interest is clearly about some subverted view of the United States of America. They clearly are not entirely aware of the Constitution, wars and undeclared wars, or the core values of the US. They all seem to subscribe to the notion that this country is their personal piggy bank, stomping grounds, or have the sole responsibility for guided its direction or redirection.
Today, August 16 is my birthdate. At my age, I can actually say I’ve seen a lot of change in this country. Most have been for the better and some for the worst. I’ve experienced racism up close and personal. For that matter, every now and then I still run into a racist during my daily travels. Yet, I’m acutely aware of what this country stands for, and I subscribe to those ideals. I love American History with all its flaws and inconsistencies. In the end, I understand what a vast majority of people in this country want America to be. That is not the vision of the white nationalist, Alt Right, KKK or Trump and similar politicians.
We all were put here by God almighty. Some choose not to acknowledge it by having faith in the same. I want to follow and pray every day. Can you imagine not being a Christian? The beauty of this country is you can practice any denomination of religion. You are free to pursue any occupation you choose. You can live anywhere you want, love anybody you like, raise a family and teach them to aspire to be whatever. Compared to other countries an assortment of freedoms is at your disposal.
I am not so naïve that I believe everyone can benefit from or practice these freedoms. There are many reasons why someone can’t enjoy a particular freedom this country promises. But there are also legal ways and means for a person to force another to capitulate. So the promise is still here more so than any other place on earth. And that is where we would like to keep it.
We want to avoid the thoughts of people like Trump. Our country is not for rent, sell, or loan to any one group or individual. To the dictators and one man rulers around the world, our democracy may be just over a couple of hundreds of years in years. But don’t bother trying to influence political figures or maneuver our elections to your liking. We may be slow to respond, but when we do, history has proven that you don’t want the people of the United States as your enemies. If anything America is resilient and is a foe, you would rather not confront.
As long as we fight for our core values individually, in concert and by our votes, we can determine our future. So thanks to the Donald, he may have finally awakened some people with his assertions. But most of us already knew the America our ancestors built and died for. We unlike some others of privilege have served in the military. Some of us saw or know of the death of young men and women who fought and died for the rights these racist groups now enjoy when marching in protest. We prefer that America other than the one that minority of racist, hoodlums, and self-interested politicians think we will become because of their actions.

Peace, stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II
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