And we are off, Literally that is.

And so, it goes. A perfect example of a carefully planned Iowa 1600 statewide political caucus sites botched by their attempted use of an App to report results into a central location. Yes, you would be correct in thinking that most of the candidates tried to spin the news to their advantage. Most campaigns had ways of collecting info to gage where they would finish in the voting process. Nevertheless, they all tried to put the best spin in their favor. Those who finished lower in the count were glad that it was over, eager to get out of town on to New Hampshire and beyond.      

In the words of Iowa Democratic Party spokeswoman Mandy McClure, “This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down, and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will take time to report the results further.” Their official word is they are withholding the official results because of those inconsistencies.

I don’t know about you, but I am still trying to make up my mind for whom to vote. My criteria for service are simple, who can restore the integrity of the United States at home and abroad. And who can beat trump at any game he tries during the 2020 election process. 

Issues like health care cost, voting rights, immigration status, partisanship, jobs, infrastructure repair, criminal investigation of illegal political bribes, and climate care are at the top of my concerns. It is going to take time to correct Trump’s errors. Not to think of issues that he never addressed.

The last three years seem like double or triple that amount. Every day and I mean every day, there is an obnoxious, even outright lying tweet about something or the other. It’s a complete turnoff unless you happen to like the author.

Citizens look back at a time when there was at least civility in our politics. Now there are unflattering nicknames of anyone who disagrees with the white house. We ask for fairness in our elections. We hope to hear words that inspire our children from our political leaders. We wonder if there are senators who realize their images, words and votes are subscribe for history daily. Can they foresee their adult grandchildren reading their words, trying to understand why they voted a certain way during the impeachment trial? For all that matters, it looks to the outsider as if they don’t care how they come across to others.

Now, we all must do our part to prevent another term from the current president while we all wonder how can survive another four years, if reelected, of Trump. Our vote in November is mandatory. Just as it must go to someone who can oust the current president, God bless and save this nation.   

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