Beauty and Wealth Flourish From Within

We’ve often heard and repeated the notion that beauty is only skin deep. People have written songs on the subject. Psychologist and deep thinkers have numerously touted that the real beauty of a person is on the inside. Many have come to accept that concept as a fact of nature.

As a rule, the first thing that attracts us to another is the beauty on the outside. We see a pretty or handsome face and smile. We imagine ourselves involved or at the very least admire a person’s beauty. Most people automatically compliment a newborn baby by saying he or she is cute. Lord help the child if they are not.

We are on a continual search for beauty in our lives. A house or an apartment with beautiful scenery is our first choice. The dwelling itself would have to exhibit some attraction before we would consider it. Beautiful foliage and flowers immediately catch our attention. Automobiles, clothing, shoes, furniture, you name it. All must be attractive in some way to get our approval and payment for the same. And the younger we are, in which sixteen to forty years old would be an acceptable timeline for this example.  The more we want it all right here and now.

Once we have satisfied our initial choices, then and only then do we look at the inside of people. Focusing on the beauty in people, you’ve also heard or maybe experienced the following scenario. You meet his gorgeous person, sat down to have a beverage of choice and began to chat. Most of the time it doesn’t take long for you to confirm that beauty is only skin deep. For that matter, you may be the beauty being judged by another who suddenly realizes this beauty has no personality.

I am not talking about real intelligence, just the basic common sense. Their ideas and summations are, shall we say skewed, twisted, off-center, or just plain distorted. Additional conversation makes you wonder how they can look so good while possessing the inability to form or express a complete and logical thought. Even at that most people can still learn regardless of their age.

But then possession of wealth is an altogether different societal status. Beauty and wealth are a deadly combination, especially if they lack in intelligence. For the record, let me repeat one of my mantras. Never confuse education with intelligence.  It simply means the subject could have attended Harvard University and still lacks basic common sense. I am thinking in terms of outward appearances of wealth, i.e. cars, homes, clothing, possession of other things that would lead another person to assume one is wealthy.

And, there is always the possibility that outward appearances are deceiving to the naked eye, especially in dealing with beauty and wealth.  Once again we have to look at the inside of a person to see if they are truly wealthy. We all understand the trappings of a fabulous home, boat, cars, horses, jewelry, and furs do not automatically produce a happy person.

“For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.” Timothy I, 6:7

The truth of the matter is that beauty and wealth are within us all. It is that part of our personality that we openly show our friends, family, and lovers. With beauty being self-explanatory, wealth is our ability and willingness to spend our inner currency on another human being. That currency can come in the form of kindness, warmth, counsel, sharing, and all those traits that we tend to reserve for special people in our lives.

Yes, it is fact and not a notion, feeling or some genius’s thought process on the life of man. These are gifts from God. Not some alien or one just happens to wonderful like that. When we actually take the time and get really know a person? And…if that person has fully evolved mentally, spiritually, as in knowing who they are and having no doubts about their relevance on this earth. Keep in mind that maturity has no age minimum or maximum. Then there’s no great of feeling or outward status of beauty or wealth that one can ever exhibit to match their inner beauty and wealth. That is what makes man special over all life on this earth.

And along the highway of life, if you and that person are lovers, man, and wife or just living together, there is an unshakeable bond. You will never meet another such as that in your life. Talk about shaking you to the core. Oh, you may meet others possessing those same inner traits, but they will be different. We are all different yet the same which is another wonder of God. I’m just pointing out that If you are lucky to find a lover with those traits and personality, your search for worldly happiness with a partner is over if that love is reciprocated in kind. You will love them for who they are at that particular moment and beyond. The both of you will share those inner feelings of love, affection and respect for each other. You will never know a truer love in your life. You will never have to remind anyone to love you unconditionally. Because all love comes with conditions. You will see past their imperfections. They won’t have to put the toilet seat down; you will do it for them. Men, they won’t have to be a good cook, you will be happy cooking for the both of you. Maybe that’s little over exaggeration but you get the picture. Nothing will be more important than spending time together. There was no special reason or day required to write this article. Think about it.

Peace, make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II

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