Dalila (DD) Dynes, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Dalila (DD) Dynes, a practicing hair stylist was the owner-manager of a North Oakland Salon for the last sixteen years. Her specialty was serving a diverse clientele with varying hair color and texture. “There weren’t any salons catering to all humans, so I opened one,” she says. It was a full-service business that housed a Jacuzzi Spa and massage service. Her customers also enjoy the garden patio, art gallery and performance stage as accouterments to her business.

There’s more to this Oakland born and raised Philanthropist. She’s an award-winning (Oakland Fence Project) photographer with a social conscience. DD is an entrepreneur who has a passion for the world of art, along with all forms of expression from the perspective of an artist.

She recently closed her salon for a year, opening a 600 square foot photography studio. “My photography is used to tell stories, to inspire, to communicate. I help my clients by capturing the images they want to convey. By listening to their needs, I create fantastic images. Any occasion; albeit portraits, wedding, professional employment, boudoir, or social setting for dating. Let us help you make a great first impression!”

DD’s Alameda-based studio offers a gallery showing the art of all mediums including music. She has included Live Streaming (#thecurrentpress) to the internet.  Her interest in the success of another artist within our Bay Area communities was a prime motivator for taking on such a venture. “The Current,” (www.thecurrentpress.com) style and shoot photography, helps professionals personal branding by offering styling and hair services as well as on-site photo shoots.

She has developed a collaborative artist series to benefit a different children’s organization every month. The series has multiple benefits to all who participate in an event. The event itself is important because art is universal, meaning each event will consist of people from all age groups and backgrounds. DD says “When people come together in agreement they begin to find more ways to agree.”

A participating artist can offer art for sale. Keeping in mind, we are talking about an artist of all types. Any artist can craft their show, exhibit and exposed to various demographics and markets they were not privy to in the past.  They are provided tickets to invite the press, investors or whoever they want to attend their exhibition or performance. For those investors who cannot attend, they have computer access to the best talent in the Bay Area.


DD April 22 Show                DD's April 22 Show

As noted by the pictures above for the last show. In fact, Oakland and other Bay Area Residents who long for culture art and authentic Bay-ness can get inexpensive tickets to a wonderful event. She offers a “swanky art gallery with awesome parking.” And the kicker is since it benefits a children’s organization, the tickets and event expenses are tax deductible. Once again, children’s organizations get money and free marketing for their entities day to day expenses.

All artist participation is voluntary and free. The children’s or group recipients change on a monthly basis.

DD will be a guest on our May 4th Blog Talk Radio show, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hampscornerofamerica/2016/05/04/hcofa-this-that-and-the-other-show

Join us for a lively discussion of Dalila (DD) Dynes new direction as a Philanthropist and Entrepreneur.

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