The Milwaukee Connection

Johnny Mae, Codis II, Rosalie, Delores A and Daddy, Codis Hampton

Hampton Family
The Fifty’s Hampton Family

Sandra and Codis Hampton II in our Gift and Record Show (1976?) Katara-RhythmCodis & Sandra at Katara-Rhythm Gift & Record store

A picture of me, Sandra, my mother-in-law Ruth, and the Soul Man, my father Codis Hampton during a night at the club.

Codis-Sandra-Ruth-Hamp 1 - Copy

Picture of Shawn Lynn, Codis Brandon,  Codis II and Richie taken the day before I left moving to California in September of 1978.

Shawn,Brandon,Codis,Richie Hampton

This page dedicated to my hometown of Milwaukee. It’s a city that is indeed, ingrained in my physic. A city where I grew from a baby to a man, with the added help of my service in the United States Army. Where I was married to Sandra Moseby, where our three kids, Shawn Lynn, Richie and Codis Brandon was born. My parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are buried in Milwaukee.  In other words, it is the city of me and my wife’s roots. Although now living in Pittsburg, California, I will always love and remember Milwaukee as a family town filled with relatives, friends, and great memories.

Peace and Love from the West Coast to you all,

Codis Hampton II,

Note: Be Patient as it takes a while for the following Five slideshows to begin showing pictures. So get your popcorn or potato chips and enjoy.

The scenes of Milwaukee, downtown and the lakefront.

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The Family Que on July 3rd, 2016…We drove down to Plymouth IN. It was hosted by my sister Delores A and her husband Kenneth Evans. Thanks for a great time.

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Another Family Que on July 4th. Hosted by Cynthia and Jay Yarn in Milwaukee. Thanks Sister and brother-in-law for the hospitality and making Sandra and I feel at home. And to you Diesel (their dog) see you next time.

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Assorted family and friends pics. Posted for you and us. You know who you are. We’ve also added our favorite mutt…Diesel.

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And that train ride. The view was fantastic. It was a long trip but worth the ride…all except when we had to go down the stairs and climb back upstairs from the bathroom. See for yourself…

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