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3d-wallpaper-8ahttps://hcofa.wordpress.com will serve as a site for the CHIIA Group. And so it goes…

We are about tightening it up, staying relevant, and moving forward at all times. This is Hamp’s Corner of America -2021-2022.  

cfe8f388-3755-47ca-8228-10ed7dcb5340_14th_and_juneau“This is thirteenth and Juneau, in Milwaukee, WI where I grew up. Thus the origination of our title Hamp’s Corner of America. The front of 1334 W. Juneau, a reddish brick 3 story building would have been where you see my car sitting now while I took this picture in 1992. My family lived on the third floor. At the time, the building you see was a tavern called “The White Castle.”  I’ve played on the roof of this building. Without going any further about this place, you can read several blogs in my book entitled, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp. This book, along with two others I’ve written is where I mention events and incidents that happened in my life. There is a 3rd book I wrote about my father, Remember Moz, Gracie and John Hampton’s First Born  whereas an entire chapter is dedicated to 1334 W. Juneau. You will get the full idea of the memories and affection I have for this little corner on thirteenth and Juneau.”                                         

                                          “I come from a business background through entrepreneurship, a career CHII Picbeginning as a Government employee supply clerk retiring in 1996 as a Procurement Director in anticipation of our base designated for closure. The next few years I continue working in the procurement field for a Defense Contractor, city, college administration, culminating in resigning from a private contractor who had a contract to support Defense Department vessels. By 2005, I decided to continuing writing while managing my consulting firm.    I first discovered my passion for writing in 1999 after publishing an online newsletter with my own opinionated articles leading off each issue. Since then I’ve written my first book, Unchon-ni, followed by four more books. By 2011, I added bimonthly blogging to my writing resume. I began hosting Hamp’s Corner of America Blog Talk Radio show in June of 2014.  It’s a spin off or extension of sorts from my blogs. I’ve also found the show to be an ideal platform for presenting ideas and comments to a certain segment of our society.  It’s directed at people of color who may not see or hear the stories that speak to our interest from other American news outlets..” – Codis Hampton II

In the politically charged year of 2014, most people had become accustomed to instant critique and sound bites from various media. With the ability to spend money at will without any trace of who these people are, this practice will continue through the next few years until the majority of the American public has had enough.  Meanwhile, the truth is often bent; twisted, shredded, and repackaged to resemble something that your conscious tells you is a lie. Independent thinking is not a lost art. Just because people with those types of opinions seem to dominate the landscape, they are still a minority, no matter their color or creed.

It’s these life altering events that shape a person, family, neighborhood, and community.  The truth must be treasured and not compromised. Those real experiences supply the foundation upon which we are built and thus enable us to do the right thing based upon facts. That is the creed upon which I’ve based my life in every circumstance.  No matter what, somehow one should always do the right thing for all involved. It keeps one grounded.
As of the summer of this 2017 date, I have written five books.  My current book is entitled Misguided Intentions noted as follows,

Annie Lee Holmes, MI’s central character is an enigma of herself. Add the rest of those coming in and out of the 1965-1975 storyline. Along with the issues, they bring with them, and you got a whirlwind of a tale of survival of the strongest. You can imagine the melting pot of individuals trying to find and maintain their direction on the road to

anywhere but their current environment. The one constant among them is they are all looking for a companion. Yet grown-ups and teenagers alike all have to avoid the obstacles of Civil Right issues, Viet Nam War, Sex, Drugs, Rhythm & Blues, etc. all the temptations that came with that era. Misguided Intentions, a 374-page novel that keeps you and the characters wondering, what the hell is next. MI is available at all book outlets in all formats at the Publisher, OutskirtsPress. Click on https://outskirtspress.com/MisguidedIntentions  Please don’t forget to give the author your thoughts after you’ve read it.

I have 3 more in my production  hopper. One, “The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp, Volume 2, is now published. And yet another, based upon the teenage years of a cousin reared in Banks, Arkansas is scheduled for a spring release in 2022.  Please look for another book of fiction to be released during the fall of 2022. It should be noted that all my books have been and will be independently published by my choice of publishers.  I can say at this point in my life, I am at peace with my work, my God, and my existence. -Codis Hampton II.

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