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We are about tightening it up, staying relevant, and moving forward at all times. This is Hamp’s Corner of America.  


100_3695I’ll examine African-American’s reaction to the policies, politics, laws, and attitudes that affect our everyday lives within our country. It’s also a show about empowerment. Our guest will point out how they made it, or solved a problem that everyone seems to have, or more importantly. They will tell you how they have contributed to circulating cash back into their community. The music played is old, new, and anywhere in between. We play the music for you and our enjoyment. Join us every other Wednesday at 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time for a great time out.


June 1st Show

Join us at our June 1st talk show format. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hampscornerofamerica/2016/06/01/tt-and-to-plus-we-talk-politics . Details are in the above poster.

Sat-April 9 Show

Click on the following link to enjoy the show advertised in the poster shown above.



Feb 17th Show Poster

Check out our latest episode, with Clif Payne by right clicking on the following link. Then double click on the option to  Percolate.BlogTalkRadio.com /offsiteplayer, you can play the episode from there by clicking on the half diamond > > >













B.O.B.S.A Stands For Black Own Beauty Supply Association and Author Nicole Lee of “Healing Cosmetologist.”. Click on the link below to hear the show.