HCofA Blog Talk Radio Show

We are about tightening it up, staying relevant, and moving forward at all times. This is Hamp’s Corner of America – 2020 


100_3695I’ll examine African-American’s reaction to the policies, politics, laws, and attitudes that affect our everyday lives within our country. It’s also a show about empowerment. Our guest will point out how they made it, or solved a problem that everyone seems to have, or more importantly. They will tell you how they have contributed to circulating cash back into their community. Please note beginning in 2017 I moved this format to Hamp’s Corner of America Hour at http://www.chiia.com/  Stay tuned as we continue building this site. Check it out now…again by clicking on the http://www.chiia.com/

Meanwhile, the music played on the 2017 Saturday Shows are old School, new, and anywhere in between. We play the music for you and our enjoyment. Join us every other Saturday at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time for a great time out. Its a two hour show or until the music stops playing. The full show for Vol XLIV as follows..


August 28th Show


Aug 29th Show Poster

Please note we have broadcast some 88 shows. They all are available to listen to at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hampscornerofamerica So enjoy our previous broadcast with interesting guest and  covering topics that concern you.


B.O.B.S.A Stands For Black Own Beauty Supply Association and Author Nicole Lee of “Healing Cosmetologist.”. Click on the link below to hear the show.


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