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  CHIIA.Com has permanently moved to this sight. will serve as the official website presence for the CHIIA Group. All pertinent information for the Group by its parent company CHIIA Group will be located on the page noted as CHIIA Group Dot Com. We are about tightening it up, staying relevant, and moving forward at all times.This is Hamp’s Corner of America – 2021  

3d-wallpaper-8aCHIIA Dot Com (for CHIIA Group) is here to help you remember where you came from in order to familiarize yourself with you. We want to remind you that self-sufficiency should be your main goal with multiple sources of income your aim in life.

  This is the secret to the success of the entrepreneur of today.  In the world of business, as often in life, you have choices and opportunities for achievement. Some stand by and watch the parade of successful entrepreneurs go by. Others join in and walk with the parade while networking with their peers to improve their business processes. Those who do not join in are left standing at the curb and wondering if there will be another opportunity. This is the concept of success at CHIIA Group. All you need is the motivation and will to be the best you can be at what you do. (As noted in our Mission Statement)

We have specialized and still serve as a licensed CTEC Tax Preparer, and Management Consultant. Frosty LTD serves as our on and offline retailer.image52

Our CEO, Codis Hampton II, has tapped into his creative side and developed “Hamp’s Corner of America” blog which is found are found on this site, up front and center.

In addition, he republished Unchon-ni, South Korea, I Remember 1962-63  a semi-autobiographical book about his U.S. Army service in Korea. Click on 



                                                 His second book, Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, is about his grandmother’s life gracie-hall-hampton-pic-expediencies and ability to cope and survive during a 1917-1953 segregated South timeline. You can find further details on this site about all our endeavors.

Along with his fifth book noted in the following ad,

Author Codis Hampton II of Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years 1917-1953 now presents his fifth book, Misguided Intentions for your review. Annie Lee Holmes, MI’s central character is an enigma of herself. Add the rest of those coming in and out of the 1965-1975 storyline. Along with the issues, they bring with them, and you got a whirlwind of a tale of survival of the strongest. You can imagine the melting pot of individuals trying to find and maintain their direction on the road to anywhere but their current environment. The one constant among them is they are all looking for a companion. Yet grown-ups and teenagers alike all have to avoid the obstacles of Civil Right issues, Viet Nam War, Sex, Drugs, Rhythm & Blues, etc. all the temptations that came with that era. Misguided Intentions, a 374-page novel that keeps you and the characters wondering, what the hell is next. MI is available at all book outlets in all formats at the Publisher, OutskirtsPress. Click on Please don’t forget to give the author your thoughts after you’ve read it.

There are very few strangers at this wake service. Looking at family members around my father’s age is like walking into the Twilight Zone. When I see my Uncles Peach, Calvin, Curtis, Clearance, and Aunts and others that grew up in and around Bradley County, Arkansas, I imagine them as children. I see them going through the motion of living life, indeed doing the things in the stories they’ve told me. They all loved to tell stories of how funny my father was as a youngster. He was always a jokester but just as serious about taking care of his younger brothers and sisters. He was a boy who loved to have fun, fish, hunt and getting into the mischief of the day. They tell me stories of him courting my mother before they were married. Each person in attendance has a Codis Hampton story. I love hearing them all, not only on this sad day but remembering conversations I’ve had with them in the past. Besides wanting to introduce my father to the world, it is one of the primary reasons I choose to write this book. It’s also of great pride and comfort knowing that I come from such a rich heritage of people. Yes, looking at all these folks, I feel like I just took a step back in time. The difference here is the people in this setting, zone or historical flashback are family. That makes it very special even within this solemn environment.

Remembering Moz, a book dedicated to our Authors father. Click onto the following for details…

Click on the following links for our Book Reviews………..
Misguided Intentions
Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, 1917-1953
Unchon-ni, South Korea, I Remember 1962-63

Stay tune for more in 2020, 2021.

Black History…Black History…Black History…Black History….up close and personal for this Hampton.

As a reminder, of our progress as a people over the years we offer our Historical Events pages. There you will find a collection of informational snippets on events that directly affected the black community at that point in time. It’s vital we know our history and what role our people contributed to making America what it is today. Over the next year, we will continue to add to these pages. We would welcome your comments, good or bad so that we may improve our website for all.

So you see, we are your next door neighbor, your Ace, the people in the next apartment. We are good people just doing our thing for you and yours. We are here for you all. Stop on by and check us out. Let us know what you think.

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