Mrs. Clinton is the ideal Candidate

The former first lady, state senator, presidential candidate, secretary of state has a wealth of political knowledge on building a consensus with opposing forces.  Now she is a candidate for President of the United States for the second time. The Democratic Candidate reign on Super Tuesday, March 15. She won 5 states over her rival Senator Bernie Sanders. No doubt she is tying her coattails to President Barack Obama where ever she can do so.

Bernie, as do the Republicans, says she is a flawed candidate. With her resume and former actions, she was bound to have pissed some people off with her votes as a senator and actions as a human being. Remember the first heath care plan she tried to champion as then President Clintons first lady? The question for Democrats and others who might consider her candidacy is can she win against the eventual Republican nominee?  Followed by can she wade through what has become Republican obstructionism, govern and be an effective president? Or should we vote for and nominate an idealistic Bernie Sanders?

We have to pick an individual that withstand an array of attacks time and time again during the election process by the Super Pac’s. They, who do not have to identify themselves, thanks to a vote of the conservative-leaning members of the Supreme Court.  Super Pac’s with unlimited dollars to place attack ads against our nominee’s record, friends, associates, pets, habits and idiosyncrasies. That person has to give as much as they take in a classy fashion and stay on message. It takes someone who has been through a few political wars, so to speak to be tough enough to withstand the barrage of attack ad aimed at the next Democratic nominee.   If I were betting money, I would bet that Hillary Clinton has the experience and confidence to withstand anything the Republicans throw at her during the national election for president.

In November of 2008, U.S. voters elected an idealistic, fresh outsider and community organizer to run our country. We all were proud of our country, and our neighbors for helping us make a very qualified black man president of the United States. During the last, almost eight years we have sat stunned by various attacks on a sitting president by Republicans for varying reasons. They didn’t like his policies, his wife, children, mother-in-law or dog. Never mind he almost singling handed worked to save this country from going over a financial cliff beginning as soon as he got elected President of the United States. If you recalled, G Dubya, the president at the time had mentally checked out of the White House. So it was up to the newly elected President, Barack Obama.

At the time, a political cartoonist drew a picture of G Dubya riding off into the sunset as his horse had left behind piles of manure. Different labels were written on each pile such as Iraq War, Consumer Confidence, Mortgage Crises, Consumer Debt, US Debt, etc. The picture also depicted the new president dressed as a trash man with a broom and bucket picking up the Bush Administration’s droppings of horse manure. President Obama should have framed that one as a keepsake.

You may also remember, there was a meeting of the top Republicans in the Senate and House a few days after Mr. Obama’s election.  Congressional elected men who got together and agreed to become obstructionist to any and everything the newly elected president proposes. Mitch McConnell, the minority speaker at the time stood before national television cameras and stated the Republicans in the House and Senates number one job was to see that President Obama’s failed in carrying out his duties as POTUS.

Frankly, as an Army Veteran, I thought it was a treasonous statement followed by actions or inactions of elected Republicans to slow the American Economy. But then as a black man, I know there are…let’s say…different strokes for different folks. It would have been a treasons statement under any other circumstances.  Despite their tricks, rhetoric and Fox News, President Obama will go down as a man who brought back civility to the office, champion and sponsored legislation that passed and continued to make a difference in today’s highly political environment.

I would be the first to agree that Senator Bernie Sanders is frank and tells his audiences what they want to hear from a candidate.  He might act in a way we long for in our elected officials.  But it is all a dream. Senator Sanders is the ideological opposite of Donald Trump. Neither will get elected in November.

Sanders, a liberal extremist, a socialist, a man that’s so far left of President Barack Obama, it should be a crime. Those are some of the kind words you can expect from the political ads.  No one, and I mean no one has brought up stances that he took in his thirties, forty’s, or fifties. I listened to his speech from Madison, Wisconsin after someone told him he won the Alaska and Washington State Democratic Caucus. I see why people are attracted to him. He spoke from an item to item list of problems that a lot of people are going through and like all politicians, promised he would change things. By the way, some of the issues were addressed by law or executive order by President Barack Obama, who ran into vigorous opposition from a Republican House and Senate.  Sanders’ ideas are not that different than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. He tells his college students he is for a free college education with no tuition. Who thinks that law will be passed even in a Democratic House and Senate? He thinks that all his free programs can be funded by a tax on Wall Street. And if by the slim chance in hell that law would get passed by Congress, get ready for the cost to be passed on to you and me, the consumer.

I can almost see the Super Pac’s Ads along with Tea Party Members, and Republican office holders and commentators day after day, hour after hour. They would tell whoever is listening to radio and TV of what a scary thought it would be to elect Barney Sanders. There is no place for naïve thoughts and promises in this election. We need someone who can get results.

As for the Donald, his mouth, policies, and tactics would not pass the scrutiny of the United States voting population to get him elected President. His party realizes that fact.

Democrats have got to nominate, elect and send an experienced individual to hold the highest office in the land.  We should elect a candidate who has crafted good policies for this country. Someone who can get things done by using their experience to navigate Republican obstruction.  It should be an individual who is willing to listen and work for all the people including the common folk. Most of all, a battle harden political veteran who can get elected despite the mined road to the White House. Mrs. Clinton is the ideal candidate at this time. Unlike any Republican running or otherwise and certainly not Barney Sanders.

Peace, make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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