Bradley County Arkansas Reunion

There is a family event planned in Arkansas this summer. It’s entitled the Bradley County Reunion and scheduled for August 11, 12, 2023. Since, my family roots are in Banks, (Bradley County) Arkansas, I will participate in promoting the historic reunion.

Their aim is to raise funds for the Mt. Olive Rosenwald School (1927-1954). The school was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places as a part of Julius Rosenwald’s legacy as the foremost benefactor to Negro education in the South.

Included in the fund-raising effort is the Mt. Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church in Bradley County. This site is also nominated to the Arkansas Register of Historical Places in 2016 under Criterion A with local significance for its association with the history of the development of the African American community of Mt. Olive and the surrounding area.    

Sponsors are soliciting donations as of this notice. For more details, contact sponsor representative, Princella Davis at 870-952-0320. Her email address is

You will hear more about the planned events of August from me on my sites. Meanwhile, contact Princella via the telephone or email address provided. Remember, if you don’t know where you came from, it makes it harder to get where you are going.

Faces, Specific Times I Remember for our Black History

Are you familiar with your heritage, roots, and family birth line of relatives? If not, I’m suggesting your emotional future will be unsettling, or worse, lived without an identity of self. I know, that’s a long, careful, and accurate thought about knowing yourself. A familiarity that some may dismiss as unnecessary. Yet, it is essential to your growth as a person.

Furthermore, that knowledge gives one the impetus to succeed in this world. So, take it from a Baby Boomer, OG, or Senior Citizen, if your will. This is extremely important.

My cousin and her husband published a book a few years ago. They collected hundreds of pictures, and comments of our relatives, from Bradley County, Arkansas, from 1800 to 1930. Staring at the faces in my copy of Afro-Americans, I see one common thread among all those pictured in the book. The eyes that stare back seem to say I was here for you to be there. Yes, I was here. At this time, at this place, at this moment in what is now history, I was here. So see me as I was, and please remember me, for you are part of me and the result of my struggles to survive.

We know the Hamptons go even farther back than Jane Hampton, who was listed as 60 years old in the 1880 United States Federal Census. That would put her birth at some time in 1820.

My favorite picture is of my Great Grandfather David (Sambo) Hampton (1883-1953). Yes, Sambo, ain’t that a trip? He’s pictured with his wife, Sally Davis Hampton (1885-1943). Great Grandpa Sambo is a direct descendant of Jane Hampton. He is also the father of my Grandfather, John Hampton, who married Gracie Hall in 1924.

It’s the expression on their faces and those eyes that attract and almost demand that you see them as they were at that time. The equality struggles of the African American communities within the United States have been well chronicled in the written word and song over the last 200 years. All that has paid attention and those who have lived the life can attest to the night riders in the South. Songs such as ‘The Strange Fruit,’ so sadly sung by Billie Holiday, come to mind when recalling how a race of people can be attacked and hated simply for the color of their skin.

Yet, one can see the faces of determination in the Negro baseball team of Banks, Arkansas, in which my grandfather John Hampton (1906-1935) was a member. I wonder what that team would think of organized baseball as it is today. I wonder what they would say about the salaries.

There is one of two pictures of my father’s mother, grandma Gracie (Hall-Hampton 1904-1985). My parents sent me from Milwaukee back to Arkansas to stay with her while they went through their divorce issues. Boy, do I remember those times. Especially the time I dug in the ground in the backyard and filled it up with water. Then, I made a fishing pole from the branch of a tree. Then, using a safety pin hook, I sat down at my fishing hole, expecting to catch a fish. I don’t remember what I used for bait, but I do remember my disappointment at not catching a fish. I also remember the smile on my granny’s face when I told her we did not have fish for dinner. I had mixed emotions about leaving that lady when my father returned to get me. I was glad to return home with my father and sad about leaving Grandma alone.

Grandma Gracie, whose husband John died, was a strong-willed woman. The one thing I learned as a very young kid during that stay was Grandma didn’t take any stuff from anybody. And I do mean anybody. She later moved to Milwaukee to witness me running wild in my teenage years. I think she left her shotgun down South. I never saw it in Milwaukee. I remember the tea cakes she would cook and how glad she was to see me stop by and see her every week. Now there was a woman who had a reputation as ornery but showed me nothing but love.

Look at your family pictures, especially of those who lived long ago. Not many smiles, just the look of I am here at this place and time. You will find a good number of women and men pictured with the look of surviving and placing themselves in a position to thrive and prosper, albeit an inch or very small steps at a time. This was no small task happening within a hostile environment amidst a race of people who hated them simply because of the color of their skin. Some whites did not object to black neighbors, customers in their stores, and consumers of their goods. Yes, numerous whites could truthful say they were not racist.

Wikipedia reports that 6 million blacks participated in the general exodus from the South, or as it’s called, the Black Migration from 1910 through 1970, to cities in the Northeast, Midwest, and West.

I am a black man who can never say there were no strong black men in my life. But, starting with my father, that’s all I ever knew during my early childhood, well into my teenage years.

Visitors were a steady stream, especially during the spring and summer weekends. Upon reflection, it seems that every one that came through our door was related in some way or another. Until I started grade school, I thought almost every black person in Milwaukee was a cousin or some relation. It just shows the context of family involvement in our day-to-day lives. It gave you a sense of community.   

And that is the last impression one gets from looking through the over 1300 faces in Princella and MacArthur Davis Afro-American book. Instead, it’s one of belonging to something greater than oneself. 

You can look at the backgrounds of some of these pictures and see houses, trees, and other landmarks that bring back memories of visiting relatives at some time or other. Yes, family… tradition, and community are what one remembers from back in the day. But, at the risk of repeating myself, it makes me proud of who I am, who I have become due to where I came from, and who was there for me as I struggled to become a man.  

I can’t imagine their thoughts or memories of daily life as an Afro-American in the South from 1800 to 1930 and beyond, up to, let’s say, 1950. What would they have given to be a part of Chicago’s Grant Park crowd the night the Obama family walked on that stage? Instead, I remember the televised sight of Reverend Jessie Jackson shedding tears at the election of a black man for President of the United States in this country.

To mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles, including mine, who came before us, I hope you are all sitting at the dinner table of your maker. I pray that you are looking down on your offspring and feel your legacy is in good hands. We remember the good times and bad, but most of all, we recognize the lessons of life you left us. We still feel the love you send our way. We want you to know the best way we can honor your lifetime is to let our children and their children know they came from a long line of heroes. So that they know they have a bevy of role models in their ancestry to look to when searching for inspiration.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, and vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                         Author & Commentator

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It’s a Matter of Class…not a Classless Indvidual

One of my pet peeves is participating in a good debate. It doesn’t matter who it’s with; it can be a family member or a total stranger. Or, this person would be necessary with anyone at your place of employment. People, regardless of ethnicity, sometimes must relearn how to communicate with co-workers or people in general.

I look around today, and everybody is in your face with aggressive rhetoric. For instance, my wife and I drove home from the grocery store the other day. I was driving the car. In California, one must stop for pedestrians in a street crosswalk. I was probably twenty or twenty-five feet away, going about twenty miles an hour in twenty-five miles an hour zone as I approached a crosswalk. I always look left and right for people crossing the street. My wife even warned me of this person entering the crosswalk. Plus, I, too, saw him. I brought the car to a complete stop and let the guy, pushing a baby in a stroller, walk across. The guy had the nerve to yell, “Next time, slow that M….er F…er down.”

Stunned, I just looked at him without saying a word. Unlike my wife, who says in jest. “Now run his butt over.”  That’s right; Sister Hampton doesn’t play. After he cleared the crosswalk, I pulled off and continued home. I shook my head at the nerve of some people. I felt like getting out of the car and trying to slap some sense into an individual who had no common sense. But then I would be wrong. He occupied my thoughts for about two more blocks because, like my wife, the guy ticked me off. But then I let it go.

These days, one can get involved in a conversation with people where they get annoyed if you have a different take on any topic. Some may think they have complete answers on a subject matter and get intimidated by your response. It’s as if they know what they are talking about and the nerve of you to disagree with them. Or they may brand you as thinking you are an expert on everything.

I used to tell my children to respect their elders when they were growing up. For that matter, understand that older people have more experience with certain aspects of life than younger folks. Moreover, the longer one walks this earth; the more one learns different subject matter by accident. Or as some say, just by living in a neighborhood, city, country, and world.

I found that speaking with older people about different subjects allows one to become more grounded in their beliefs. They might not know anything about a particular topic. At the very least, they may still have an opinion.

But returning to the point of this article. One should be particularly conscience of the way they talk to co-workers, especially a supervisor or boss. Their opinion of you determines the type or responsibility they give you or how fast you get a promotion.

You can sometimes be very persistent, even loud, and boisterous. But then you have to gauge how the person you speak with will take that attitude. If you think that saying what you believe, no matter how it sounds doesn’t matter in the workplace. Then, my friend, you will stay in your current position until your supervisor figure out how to rid of you. So be a star that glows and rises at your job. But, on the other hand, don’t be that employee known to have a big mouth, if you know what I mean.  

Using your common sense and knowing how to discuss issues with anyone goes a long way in you having a no-drama attitude. But, unlike at Burger King, you can’t always have it your way. So, I’m just saying…you feel me?

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, and vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                       Author & Commentator

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Draymond Green’s Punch

Teammates, Sportswriters, other NBA players, and an assortment of commentators have given their take on the Draymond Green punch of Jordan Poole. Well, I look at this incident from a Warriors Fan perspective, adding a lot of old-school hood flavor.

To begin, I have sympathy for my brother Poole from the same city, Milwaukee, as I do. It’s a small city, ninety miles from Chicago, with a working man’s hard-hat personality. But, as in any hood, when someone walks up to you and gets in your face. The natural reaction is to shove him back, which is Jordan’s reaction. This is where Draymond’s next move is inexcusable, considering who he is. He, supposedly the heart and soul of the team, reacted as a fellow from the hood. Anybody shoves you warrants an instant reaction. Thus, he punched who he suddenly interpreted as the aggressor.

 Yes, we know disagreements among teammates within male or female sports can result in punches. Then again, you know how the saying goes, take the boys out of the hood; they will still have hood tendencies. The difference here is where they currently reside in theory and person. It also includes the amount of money in their bank accounts. Finally, the fact that this punch was filmed and leaked to the national press places enormous scrutiny on the act.

My fault lies with Draymond. He should know better than to instigate a predictable reaction by walking up to a teammate’s face. He was so close to Jordan’s mouth that he could have given him COVID-19 if Draymond had it. But, instead, what did he expect the kid to do? Take the disrespectful act as a teachable moment. And then to follow that up with punching Jordan because he shoved you.

As a fan, I am sad to say Draymond has worn his teammates out as an elder spokesman, fellow player, enforcer against opponents, or anything representing the Warriors. It’s time for him to move on, including therapy of some type to address his demons, at a time in our black neighborhoods when individual fights never seem to settle a disagreement. Often it ends up with opponents bringing in their parents, other family members, or homies to settle the score. We don’t need to see gifted, wealthy individuals on our TV screens acting as if they are on a street corner in the hood.

You, Draymond Green, must be better than that. You can not go through life throwing punches because you disagree with someone of whatever. You have children. Does that not present you with the obligation of being a role model for them and various children in our neighborhoods?   

I read that you have apologized. That’s all well and good. But you, like millions of NBA fans, living in the hood or not, understand Jordan Poole and his teammates will never forget that punch. He, as he has, may accept your apology, but he will never forget. It’s a thug-like punch who happened to be his teammate. No matter what was said beforehand, you got in his face. You wouldn’t take that from anyone. So what made you think that Jordan would accept it?

 This incident will linger until Draymond is traded or leaves the Warriors on his own. Because of all his idiotic past behavior and the punch, he has put himself in an untenable position. In my opinion, the team will be better off without Draymond. You can bet a tell-all book from Green will follow shortly after leaving the team. Thanks for the memories, especially your contribution to the championships. But again, you’ve worn out your welcome. Please get some help and good luck in all future endeavors.       

 Peace, blessings, stay healthy, and vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                            Author & Commentator

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A Few Things on My Mind

A few issues come to mind as I watch the year 2022 speed into its conclusion. First, it seems we just took the Christmas trees down from the end of 2021. How time flies is an understatement for this year.

To this country’s detriment, Trump is in the news every day. Will he, won’t he, can’t he, should he, or what did he say? My only real question is, why hasn’t this individual been charged or indicted? You hear of pending violence in the street if Trump is indicted. Is there an attempted hostile takeover of the United States Government in our future?

For the last several years, the A’s traded away or let walk their good players because they don’t want to pay the average player’s salary. Then they field pretty much an uncompetitive team of players in training. They are last in their division at 53 wins and 94 losses, 43 games behind the first-place Houston Astros. It promises to get much worse by season end. All while asking Alameda County to claim one of its best areas for a baseball stadium. Attendance, morale, etc., are all down. The city of Oakland needs money for essential services. Where do they find those funds? Hey… please do us all a favor. Move to Las Vegas or anywhere else besides the Bay Area.

The mid-terms are fast approaching while Republican politicians are shipping immigrants to other cities. Yet they wonder why most people are sick of politics, sick and tired of ignorant politicians seeking personal power. So please vote anyway, don’t let them drive you away from the one right we have as people.

Yes, I am a 49er fan. As for QB Tray Lance…running him between the tackles seven to eight times a game was bound to get him hurt. For the coach to say that was an attempt to allow Lance to become a better throwing QB? As a fan, I wanted to see him develop this year. Now he is lost for the year. After rehab and returning to the field of play, he will not be running on a surgically repaired ankle. Yet he will still need to develop more of his talents as a passing QB. I wonder how Coach Shanahan will handle that change in his QB. 

I am still working on my next book. It continues my late grandmother, Gracie Hall-Hampton’s move from Banks, Arkansas, to Milwaukee. I thought I would have it published by the end of this year. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Look for it in the spring and another book I’ve written and yet to publish.

Every Sunday since the pandemic began, my wife and I still attend church online. Booster shots or changes in mask requirements haven’t stopped that practice. We pay our tithes, pray daily, and enjoy the services while trying to avoid COVID-19. However, we miss fellowshipping with other church members.  

The big thing in our house is to get rid of the clutter. You know, favorite nick-nacks that look good but do nothing but collect dust. This and other things we have bought, received, or somehow acquired over the years make for a cluttered house. So, we are getting rid of a lot of stuff. Do you know what I mean?

We no longer go to the gym as that is a prime place to attract a cold, flu, or the dreaded COVID-19. Meanwhile, we try not to gain weight because of less physical activity.

Do I hear someone dribbling a basketball? The NBA and Warriors are due to kick off their leagues toward the end of September. Imagine that ladies (who are not sports fans), baseball, football, and basketball games are on TV. Will your husbands ever get off the couch on weekends besides going to the bathroom?

Besides keeping appointments with doctors, dentists, or whoever, going to and from the store seems to be the Hampton’s life these days. We continue to be aware in order to keep our health out of harm’s way. I am always grateful to God for giving me and mine another day to get things right. How is your year going?

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, and vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                      Author & Commentator

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Endeliza’s Road to Higher Aspirations

Think of it. You are happily married. You’re employed in an upward promotional field by an employee-friendly organization. Between supporting your spouse’s career while on a fast-track advanced career of your own, your life feels like a speed dial of success. Who wouldn’t be satisfied with that type of trajectory in their life?

Most are always curious about how successful we could manage another type of career that interests us for one reason or another. And, to most, it’s a fleeting thought, as we are too involved traveling our present road of accomplishments. But then, this other profession creeps into our thought process every now and then.

We may have taken more than a passing interest and gotten involved with the profession to aid our field of expertise. It is almost like falling in love. The first question in our mind is where you have been all my life.

The curious individuals may find those fields more interesting as they become further involved, using it to their advantage. However, imagine that field of study as highly competitive for the rewards it promises those who reach its pinnacles. It takes a highly motivated person to leave the comforts of success while seeking the same amenities in a brand-new field.

Meet Endeliza Hampton, a third-year law student at the University of Nebraska who has done as described. Or, if you will, taking on a challenge that accepts no failures while pressing its participants to commit themselves to the process of becoming a lawyer.

We have all heard various jokes about the lawyer this and that. Yet when we want to enter a contract, sue someone for non-fulfillment, or seek advice as to what legal information belongs in our last will. Who do we call? It’s always wise to have legal advice while conducting any business. That pretty much sums up the legal profession’s necessity or just plain importance.   

Nevertheless, curious minds ask, what was she thinking, drinking, smoking, or tripping on to make such a move? I think, oh well, why don’t you be the judge.  

Usually, circumstances cause you to encounter aspects of a different field within your current work processes to catch your attention. In Endeliza’s case, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passage affected her regular duties as a Risk Manager. In her words, requirements for managing employee health insurance became more complex. “I was no longer simply conducting insurance renewals and reviewing contracts and helping with a few compliance matters,” she noted. Almost overnight her daily activities turned to assisting employers with the implementation of the ACA regulatory requirements into their company policies. The next few years brought about new regulations. Thus, routinely she found herself working with her regulatory compliance team.

Again, she said, “These experiences showed me that legal matters were becoming more prevalent in my everyday life.” Her daily involvement in compliance matters provided reasons to consider the legality of their advice to clients. There always was a question of how their input would withstand a legal challenge.

Having dinner with a long-lost friend brought about a surprising suggestion. In contrast, they were discussing all things that happened over the ten years since their last get-together. The friend suggested law school as an option of workable interest to enhance her capabilities. It was a thought that never entered her mind. Nor were the prospects of how knowledge in the legal world could aid her work processes and her private life planted in her thought process.

Life itself can take one in directions they may not have considered beforehand. Although having taken online studies to secure an undergrad degree, Endeliza felt online law subjects would not work for her. Then came shelter-in-place, a workforce confined to working from home. All brought about because of COVID19 governmental or employer directives. But, never one to overlook an opportunity to spend time wisely, she was able to complete several online law school requirements.

One cannot advance without the support of an agreeable spouse. The household tasks, trips to the store, cooking meals, dealing with budget issues, and the everyday management of household duties are performed by the occupants. Therefore, having one supportive enough to cover the students’ share of duties is extremely important to a successful marriage. In Endeliza’s case, her husband is also deeply involved with his career aspirations.

Still, there were decisions, such as whether she should enter law school. Where should she enroll as a student? What other sacrifices would she make to engage in such an intense study program? There is the financial cost, not to think of the emotional charge, to pursue such a lofty goal of becoming a lawyer. They must also weigh other considerations before committing one way or another. The subject of where to attend could mean leaving the Bay Area.

One can gather from the questions noted that THE DECISION was not a “Go for it” exercise. Or, as some might put it, “Just do it.” The methodical examination of where, why, and when reason provides your insight into Endeliza’s personality. As a rule, she is never one to dive into a project without expectations of a successful outcome. That doesn’t mean she is reluctant to make a life-changing decision. Quite the contrary, it shows if there is a change, it will have come after a thorough review of all concerns.

As previously mentioned, she has a supportive husband in all matters of importance. He can be and most certainly was in how we can make this work column. Hence, therefore, making their final decision to proceed with an all-in affair. It speaks to the success of their thirty-year union. Twenty-five is as a married couple as of last August.

Yet leaving the solidly blue state of California, residents of family and friends for the red state of Nebraska? Given the political wills of our subjects, well…to be a fly on the wall during those conversations. Nevertheless, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area’s cost of living, among other concerns, certainly was one of the factors to consider. The bottom line is that they as are their careers are very mobile. They could set up on the moon and still be relevant in whatever they apply themselves.

Choosing the University of Nebraska was not an accident, as evidenced by her words. “I researched a lot of schools before applying to law school. I read how it was a good idea to visit schools before applying because law school is hard enough, so you want to be at a school that you feel good about. Nebraska wasn’t initially on my list, but they kept popping up as a great value Law school. They are a top R&D university. They also have one of the only Space Law programs in the country. So, I decided to visit the school and am very glad I did.”

She goes on to say “I contacted the school, and the admissions team was extremely helpful and supportive. They offered to put me in touch professors and other students. The level of support was more than I expected but exactly what I was looking for in a law school. I wanted a collegial environment with a solid legal foundation. As an older student I also wanted to be able to speak to professors directly. Nebraska offered all of that. It sounds odd to say I wanted to speak to professors, but people aren’t aware that many law school classes are taught by Teacher’s Aides. Students can’t even speak with professors.”  

I asked her, looking back on her decision, having become a full-time law student the university. Does she find the enrollment as interesting today as opposed to her first arrival? Once again in her words, “It has been a lot harder than I expected. It takes an emotional and physical toll which I didn’t necessary think about, yet I wouldn’t change my decision at all. It has truly been an experience and I have learned so much about myself about the law and about the people in my life. To answer your question, is it as interesting now as it was before…it is definitely more interesting now.”            

“Now, my life is pretty chaotic. It is tough to keep track of everything, and things always take more time than expected so it makes it overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges of law school is the sheer volume of material one consumes. Each class has it’s own set of “laws” and we have a limited amount of time to get through the material so my brain end up pretty overloaded. That means I often forget the simple things, like what day it is, or forget that I had food heating up and then wonder why I’m hungry. LOL.”

“Two things help. One is I’m very lucky to have a supportive husband. I wouldn’t be this close to the finish line without him. He does what he can to help manage the household when he can. He is a wonderful cook and he completely sustained me my first year. He also makes sure to get me to take time off when I can. So while marriage adds another layer to being a law school student, having a supportive partner makes a world of difference. The other thing is my classmates. Seeing them as frazzled as I am oddly helps because most are 15-20 years younger than I am. So, if they are overwhelmed, and so am I when I have all these other balls in the air…I may not be doing as bad as I think I am. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know a few with whom I’ve shared multiple classes. We share notes, fill in gaps when one of us going through personal issues and help each other prepare for exams. This is another reason I chose Nebraska. When I talked to students before enrolling, they said the school was a true community.”

My being of a curious mind didn’t want to sound like I was drilling her. It was a genuine question for my daughter-in-law. In short, why law school. I took Business Law in a junior college associate degree program. A month after attending the classes, I thought about becoming a lawyer. The thought of the intense study required, having a wife and two kids, shocked me back to reality. Yet the course of interest was there, albeit psychologist was its competition. Most have selected a field of study before enrolling in a college. One must settle and continue in a specific field of study as a freshman. That doesn’t mean we’re not tempted to change up later in life for practical or other reasons.

Meanwhile, let us all wish Endeliza all the luck and success in the world. She is doing what many can only wonder about in our lives. Since this interview, she graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Law in May this year. She looks forward to celebrating her graduation by taking a short break before continuing her journey to become a practicing attorney. 

She will take time to recuperate before taking the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) in August 2022. The MPRE is a legal ethics and professional conduct exam required before someone can sit for the Bar exam. After the MPRE, she will then begin studying for the Bar. The Bar is the final exam a person must take to become a licensed attorney. The Bar’s administered over two or three days. It’s designed to test knowledge and skills in seven main law areas: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Property, and others.

Folks, I know that this article is longer than others. However, I felt it extremely important that you get the full interview and comments in one piece. Please join me in congratulating Endeliza on her accomplishments and recent graduation. We wish her all the best as she prepares for the next leg of her journey.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                            Author & Commentator

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The Sixties, Ideas-Freedoms’ of the Past?

Again, we think we are coming out of a COVID19 environment only to be warned of predicted increasing cases this summer. People in this country are already stir-crazy, wanting to get out of the house, cities, town, or wherever they live now. We don’t care if it only involves driving to a nearby state. We long to see new scenery, state parks, or family amusement centers. At least that is my opinion.  

I am sick-n-tired of being serenaded by my neighbor’s Pit Bull’s vicious growls. He barks and lunges at the wooden fence separating our yard every time I step into my backyard. Believe me when I say the animal isn’t discriminative because it barks at anything that moves in our yard. That would include the Terminix person or anyone else. I spoke to the father of the son who owns the dogs. He seems convinced that it’s the barking that irritates me. In other words, live with it is his message.

Now they have the nerve to add a pit bull puppy. The puppy’s job is to learn how to bark, just like the older dog. Some people have no consideration for another’s rights. I should also clarify that my neighbor and I are of the same race. By the time this summer rolls around, I intend to take some legal action that provides peace to our yard. My wife and I like to bar-b-que in our yard. We have plants in the yard requiring maintenance despite the drought. We are senior citizens with medical issues. Don’t we have the right to our way of life without animals trying to scale the fence to attack whoever is on the other side?

Baby Boomers can count themselves lucky to be born in such an enterprising era in American history. Remember the freedom just to be yourself felt in the sixties? Do what you want, go where you want, and associate with who you wish to, even though a conservative society may disapprove of your choice. Just think about all we have seen or witnessed in person—the greatest of artists from all aspects of the social, entertainment, or sports world. The talent exhibited and contributed to our society by people of all races. People from all walks of life have amazed us. Each generation since the sixties has had a front-row seat within the last seventy years, even participating in the ever-changing technology and improved medical capabilities. It was fun while it lasted, folks.

Browsing through family pictures on my computer is an excellent way to spend a morning. There is nothing like looking at old photos to remind you of past good times. I remember an era when a person felt free to speak, write or have an opposing opinion. Instead, every publicized non-conservative statement is met with immediate comments and even death threats via social media. As kids, we learned to respect our neighbors, including their property and the right to exist next door to us. But can we honestly say that about some people next door or down the street? Do they have the same consideration for anybody other than themselves?

A great example would be the wear a mask or not debate. Some think it’s an American right or wrong question. Typically, those types of people go to extremes to prove a point that is, at best unhealthy to themselves and the people around them.  

In addition, we have gone through a period of political change in America. Gone are the ideas people want to see their fellow citizens succeed in whatever pursued endeavor. Instead, we see all types of referrals to MAGA, or “Make America Great Again.” As if that is what many white folks need to feel good about themselves. Most Democrats, including numerous races of color, voted for politicians of character, people who went to Washington to change America for the better for all. At least, that was the intent of gaining our support and vote—far too many, especially in the Republican Party. Unfortunately, that is not the case today. Republican politicians see it as a winning nugget in their campaign because they feel that is the belief of their constituency.

In some cases, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s at the expense of American Democracy. Sadly, as has been reported in polling, interviews at Trump-type rallies, or other Republican political gatherings in many areas in this country. Unfortunately, some folks harbor that very attitude. More and more instances point to an ugly resentment for people of color’s success, supposedly at the expense of white power, plain and simple.   

We are growing terrorists allowing them to arm themselves as if they are going to war. These people take it upon themselves to deal out death and destruction to protect the privileges of those still in the majority in this country. Recent examples are the Tops Supermarket killings in Buffalo, New York, and the Texas Robb Elementary school massacre of third, fourth, and fifth-grade children. Each shooter is an eighteen-year-old individual with the Tops Supermarket killer evidence as a white supremacist who believes in those extreme theories. Both killings happen within a week of each other.

Many are pushing the Critical Race Theory. Although they fear their majority is in danger of disappearing year by year. Their shrinking numbers contribute to the extreme theory that white people will be eradicated and replaced by people of color. If this weren’t serious, it would be comical to think how long race eradication would take, with immigration and having more babies than another race as primary acts. Yet no matter how idiotic we may think of the theory, it is out there for consideration to unstable minds.  

Suddenly, many liberal progressive thinking white folks stepped back while wondering if their power capabilities were being taken away by others.

We would do well to heed the following words of our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country…corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

That is an accurate statement about money in the hands of a few. Some direct political cash contributions toward certain politicians they know for sale.

Here is one more for the road from our historically gifted past, President Lincoln. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Republicans continually block any attempt to limit Americans’ access to Assault style rifles that are war weapons. I implore you to think about their stances and rhetoric as we go through the mid-term elections of 2022. Some people could care less if we improve as a nation. Their primary concern is what they can get out of it. Sometimes it seems as though we have turned the clock back to a time before the Civil War in this country.   

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                    Author & Commentator

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My Opinion should count, as should yours.

Recently, I had a professional review completed for my latest book, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp, Vol 2. Anyone who has read my works understands that personal opinions or questionable critiques of my writings do not dictate the subject matter I choose to comment. I tend to have some type of opinion about any subject matter. God and my parents built me that way. Anyway, without further ado, here is the review,

 “If a reader is looking for an easy-to-read collection of essays that are both entertaining and thoughtful, then Codis Hampton II’s book is a satisfactory choice. Each entry takes only a few minutes to read and therefore provides short, quick material for the busy individual. The author uses straightforward language and flowing narrative to keep the tone simple and to engage the reader. He adds his unique humor and a blend of slang to lighten the voice of many pieces, yet he contrasts the levity with serious and important life lessons to bring balance.”

“Hampton states in the beginning of his book that these essays are his opinions from his own life experience. He draws on several decades and his interactions with various people along the way to back up his thoughts on different subjects. His background on any given topic is due to his experience, so the reader should consider the author’s words his own perspective and not absolute truths.”

“These are opinion pieces and should be treated as such. If a reader is seeking authoritative knowledge on any of the various topics Hampton writes about, they would do well to consult books written by experts in such fields. However, if the reader is looking for a unique perspective or entertainment, then Hampton’s collection of essays provides plenty of fodder for thought. Hampton’s voice comes through with strength and clarity. While reading his essays, one feels like they know him, perhaps even can hear him. His dynamic, outgoing personality shines through, rendering his words almost conversational.”

 “Due to the broad array of topics, someone is bound to find something in this collection that resonates with them. That said, they may also come across an essay that is either disagreeable or perhaps off-putting. The author has strong ties to his family, for example, despite having a mother who walked out of his life when he was very young. He emphasizes again and again one’s identity being connected to their family, but this statement would not be true or feel fair to someone who is estranged from their family or who had traumatic experiences growing up. While the author’s experiences are his own and therefore his opinions are based on those experiences, perhaps a disclaimer that these opinions and experiences are to be viewed through the lens of belonging to one person would prove beneficial to readers who come from very different backgrounds.” End of quote.

I found it odd that the reviewer thought my mother walked out on me. Not so; we didn’t have a close relationship right after she divorced my father. Thank God I was brought up living in my fathers’ house. My relationship changed with my mama while I was in the Army. We became much closer after I returned home from the service. The reviewer must have missed that part altogether.

The other oddity, in my opinion, was that he felt I should leave my opinions to the so-called experts in various subject fields. I found that statement hilarious, given that just because some consider themselves an expert on a particular subject. Familiarity with the subject matter doesn’t always come through as thoughtful or tolerant of other opinions. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert for your opinion to matter, in my view.

Overall, I found the reviewer’s thoughts true, especially that the articles are both “entertaining and thoughtful.” That is precisely my goal in writing about anything. I try to get my readers to think of their opinion about the subject matter.

I find that is the best way for me to communicate with readers. I write with the intention…to communicate with you, you over there, and anyone. Your opinion on this article would be appreciated.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                   Author & Commentator

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Taking Note at the End of 2021

Can you believe that we have seen another Christmas pass after a year of COVID peaks and valleys? Christmas is my favorite holiday, beginning as a kid. It seems a different spirit comes over people. They reach out to friends, family, and the like with good wishes. We all love to see the smile on our family and friends’ faces when opening a gift from us. Sometimes a gift is not needed, just a warm gesture of attention, especially to our seniors. In that manner, this past Christmas season of celebrating the birth of Christ followed the same pattern. 

 We are always surprised how fast the year disappears in our rear-view mirror. The new variant, omicron, is still causing quite a stir worldwide. But then, a new year is here, which should cause us to think of tomorrow. A hopeful future is always better in our minds than even the best of times during the last year.  

So welcome to the year 2022. For a short while, we thought we had survived the pandemic of 2021. Yet the world is hit with a new variant in omicron. Most are adjusting to the new world of flu overload. But, of course, we still have those who don’t want to wear a mask, much less get vaccinated. But then life goes on.

It understates that one should enjoy your time on earth daily because there is no real reason to waste it. We learn to make the best of any situation. It reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit expertly played by Gilda Radner’s character, Roseann Rosannadanna. In character, the comedian went on a lengthy rant about turmoil, either witnessed or experienced personally. She would end with the quotable line, “It’s always something.”

Every day we’re inundated with the unpopularity of the current president and vice president. So naturally, it leads to salivating Republicans’ chances at taking the house and senate majority in the 2022 mid-terms. Of course, if that happens, what direction the country will take is a genuine concern. But then, nobody has voted yet, so we shall see if the pundit’s prediction will come true.

Meanwhile, the individual who provided a stage for these antigovernment conspiracy followers is thinking of running for president in 2024. His constant presence seems to keep many in the Republican party beholding to him and not the country.

We feel that most people will reflect on the past year. Afterward, the immediate concern is how to maneuver all events in 2022 to help you and your family. We tend to or at least should plan, innovate, take steps to improve our family relationships, finances, current living conditions, including personal habits that make us better people. In all, we do progress during the year despite all the obstacles.

That is what makes life an exciting journey. Regardless of how it disturbs some relatives, friends, or strangers, moving forward should be our mantra. After all, we strive to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. So, in the words of the R&B artist group led by Curtis Mayfield, “Keep on Pushing.” I wish you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year. Stay tuned as we report our progress and missteps.      

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                               Author & Commentator

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Budgeting to enjoy the 2021 Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, which provides a primary reason to examine our monthly budget. We are looking for excess cash to spend on decorations, holiday foodstuffs, and funds to spend on presents for family and friends. Some of us are lucky enough to have a savings account specifically for these holidays. We always plan on not running up our credit card balances which may be at the max considering we are coming out of a pandemic. As soon as we determine our holiday budget, we can look for retail deals.

How far will your dollar go this holiday season? For years industry leaders have awarded large bonuses to their top executives every year. At the same time pushing for a need to lower labor rates. As a striking John Deer employee says, “We are tired of them taking our money.” 

One almost has to say they have lowered, slashed, and renegotiated labor fringe dollars to the bone. It’s as if they say the corporations’ executives deserve a big yearly bonus and the workers are on their own.

The Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers increased 5.0 percent from May 2020 to May 2021. That means we are paying $1.05 more for goods this year than the even $1.00 we paid last year. Laughable, isn’t it? From our perspective, we are paying $1.25 more, depending upon the consumer item, than the previous year. In other words, the Consumer Price Index is always lower than the reality in the retail outlet. Sometimes my budget tells me that I may be spending more than a twenty-five percent increase depending upon the consumer item.    

As labor proposes a couple of percentage points in the maximum pay increase, we may not realize the exact number—specifically, the 5% increase in consumer goods from last year to this particular year. The growth covers food, appliances, gasoline. You name the product. More than likely, the price has increased within the last year. Are you traveling this year? Reportedly rental car prices are 66% higher than last year.

How about the amount of product you get in packaging? You have to consider the shrinking product amount in the package. It’s a clever way for the industry to save money, thereby increasing profits by selling the public less product for the exact cost.

The economy of supply and demand still affects our budgets. The formula says when supplies are low and demand high, the result is an increase in pricing. However, that is still not the only reason for rising prices. For example, the pandemic was a primary reason for the demand for more supplies.

The issue is always the same. If you are aware of the rules, you can play the game. In this case, you can select foodstuffs that will feed your family until the first of the month rolls around in thirty of thirty-one days. Oh, you may have to substitute certain items for others. You may not be able to buy certain brands of foodstuffs you are used to serving your family. As the old folks say, a little money goes a long way if you pay attention to your spending budget. The price of gas rises every time the oil companies have extra expenditures. Say like a spill they must clean up or that old tried and true one. We must shut down certain oil-producing outlets for maintenance.  

But then, when does the average consumer get a break? That is the larger question. Along comes a Democrat that tries to help the average consumer. You’ve heard of the president’s infrastructure bill. He is practically run out of town on a rail car for mentioned helping the ordinary family. Media, owned and managed by rich folk, tear apart his program. Who’s going to pay for it? Why should they get free stuff? Tell the freeloaders to earn their keep and buy what they can afford as we all must do, the well-to-do advice. Yet, they don’t realize that providing a lesser-earning person a safety net that allows them to contribute to the tax structure or economy daily is better for everyone.

Some are too busy reading about conspiracies. Others are not listening to their voices, or they would hear them suggest processes that haven’t worked for ages. These are the extreme opinionators. Somehow the commonsense approach gets buried beneath the unworkable rhetoric pushed by the rich and powerful.      

Finally, Social Security is playing catchup by providing a 5.9% increase to seniors. You can expect to see that raise in January of 2022. It’s based upon the Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA). Put it this way, the COLA average for 2015 through 2020 was 1.33. So, an increase to 5.9% is a big deal. We won’t go into how that figure fits your budget, like increases in health plans to name one. Let’s say it is welcomed and leave it at that. Somehow, we have made it through the year. We always manage to buy a hamburger at Wendy’s or In and Out occasionally. Let us hope we can put more democrats in congress since they are the only ones willing to spend money on the little consumer.  

Meanwhile, we are determined to have a happy holiday season. We will adjust our spending accordingly. So, to one and all, happy holidays beginning with Thanksgiving from the Hampton’s. We are excited to be here to enjoy the season with you from afar.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                   Author & Commentator

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