This, That, and so on;Vol III, March 2017



This, That and so on…Vol III, March 2017

I look at what is going on in the political world and immediately think about the Bush-Chaney White House. However, there is a difference in administrations. G Dubya relied on his father’s knowledge and contacts to select administrative personnel and appointments. The Donald relies on the Donald, end of story.Adopted CHII Editorial Logo


I have to mention the death of my man Chuck Berry, Mr. Rock and Roll. He caused me to get yelled at quite a few times. My mother would tell me to stop playing with her household broom. It was for sweeping the floor, not playing like it was a guitar. She would add if you want to sweep the floor, be my guest. RIP Chuck. If you get a chance, play his classic. It’s called “Nadine”…honey is that you. What a nice song.


For me, maybe some are wondering where I’ve been, what am I doing? The short answers are finishing my next book and working on my clients business. I am also adjusting my priorities by letting some responsibilities go or expire. Sitting in front of a computer for ten to eleven hours a day is no longer an option. For those who are wondering why I haven’t got back to them or ran a particular show with them as a guest. Please bear with me. I am guilty of being a man who has a lot of plans but tends to think; I am the only one who can carry them out. Part of it is true because they are ideas or processes that only I can complete in the format or my style, so to speak. Just know that after the last of April I will once again be available to complete my commitments to you. Here is thanking you in advance for your patience.


Meanwhile, lots of stuff coming uplike the NBA Playoffs. LeBron James, please…just please shut the hell up. You are a prime example that some people should not say anything. Otherwise, their words will reveal a lack of knowledge about life or a particular subject. Oh yeah…go, Warriors. The NFL Draft, please 49er’s a few more good players and a Quarter Back of the future. Baseball season is coming up. Go A’s and Giants. March Madness is here. I don’t ever make out a bracket. I just wait for the Final Four, lol. Spring is here with summer on its way…whoopee.


Of course, I cannot let the death of the TrumpRyan Health Care bill in the House go without adding my epitaph. For seven years, House Republicans have voted to repeal ObamaCare or the (ACA) Affordable Care Act, one and the same. First, you didn’t have a plan. And now you do have a mean-spirited document you called a plan. Overall 24 million people were going to lose their health care. It also slashes Medicaid while presenting a giveaway to Insurance company’s’. Clearly giving something to people take more words to explain rather than taking services away. Thus the huge difference in size between the ACA and GOP Bill; are you listening to Shawn Spicer? Thanks to the demonstrations of the American Public at numerous Town Halls. Only 17% of the Americas liked the Republican bill. Down goes Trump, down goes Republicans under the weight of people realizing what ObamaCare personally means to them. Long live the American Democratic process.


I like Michael Che (Saturday Night Live Star) come back to a white Boston University student who questions why he labeled Boston as one of the most racist cities he ever visited. He asked her to “talk to your closest black friend and ask them to explain it to you.” He said the woman responded by remarking “Touche.”  Now we all know that no one (white, black, brown, yellow or red) leaves their house in the morning going to find a friend from a different ethnic nationality. We meet people in our social travels, strike up a conversation, etc., etc. That’s easier for a people person like me. We like to engage everyone in conversations. It is not so easy for reclusive individuals. At any rate, friends are hard to come by, no matter their race, creed or color.


I remember back in the sixties that one of the goals for integration was to debunk the stereotypes people of all colors had about different races.  I am somewhat surprised that we still hear some of the same stereotypes being shared and taken as gospel by some folks like…neo-Nazi, and white nationalist. Could it be they are looking for ways to dislike a person of a different race? And back to the real subject, Boston has had that reputation as far back as the sixties.  


My sister-in-law called me the other day. “Yes, you called me,” she asked. I told her I had not called. “Well your phone must have called me,” she responded. I repeated the fact that I didn’t call her. But then in a comedic mood, I asked…”Did you want to speak to my phone?”  Sister-in-law was not amused as she was standing at the service window at a Milwaukee post office. Evidently, their receipt machine was having a problem. We both laugh, and she said “bye” in a not so amused tone. Lol for machines in general. As for Sister-in-law, she knows I love her.


Let me finish with a comment on people’s perception of each other’s action. I freely admit that I am not everyone, and that would include some family members, cup of tea. Mostly it’s because some people want me to follow their agenda. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not, they just want a ride and die individual to agree with them in every way. I tend to want to talk facts to support an optimistic viewpoint. So when I disagree and try to point out why, some take that as a personal affront.


Well, that says more about them than it does me. I certainly don’t have all the answers to every problem. But I can recognize BS when I see or hear it. BS in the individual or their point of view. And going further, I will tell them so in plain English. The problem is some people don’t want to hear the truth.


I’m sure; you have friends and family that are the same way on both sides of the personality viewpoint. So, you too have experienced their dismissive nature of your attitude when there is a disagreement.  I am not one who likes to spend a lot of time and energy on phony people. It makes me appreciate my friends and family who are fair and for real.  In the end, you don’t have to work at being friends. Nor is a family member correct in their actions on any cause. Most family or friends understand you or me because they want to have your back. I’m just saying…        


 Peace, yet stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,




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