A Visit to Home Sweet Home

Although I love living in Pittsburg, I do enjoy our visits back home. We go as often as we can manage to do it. It provides a chance to walk or ride down memory lane. We are smart enough not to visit during the winter months of Milwaukee. You know, deicing the plane issues, reintroduced to the Hawk who is still as cold as ever. Although, the state of Wisconsin seems to be experiencing a record number in the secession of what is typically called Indian winters. Those from the east understand that to mean a string of unusually mild winters. Climate change anyone?
The book, Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years 1917-1953 was displayed by Track the Tag BookLitFire Publishers. The publishing booth display was during a six-day stint and at the ALA (American Library Association) Annual Convention – Expo in Chicago, IL.

To visit relatives in nearby Milwaukee, my wife and I stayed with her sister and her husband for almost fourteen days. As you may imagine you note the changes around town right away. You reminisce about the streets you roamed as a kid. You revisit people, places and things that provide many warm and fuzzy feelings about yesteryear.
Suddenly you are jolted from your stupor of a dream by the current resident’s action. The change in attitudes and environment are mind-boggling. People are driving crazy. They are running stop signs in Milwaukee, just like they are in Pittsburg. Now they’ve added the act of running stop lights. I actually saw a driver ask a city worker to move the street cone out of the way so that she could go around the other traffic stopped at the red light. He did, and she did actually run the red light. I know it was more than just a freak occasion because I saw an array of drivers running red lights time and time again, WTH. That entire behavior scene made me think twice before driving the rental through Milwaukee streets. Of course, I had no other choice but to drive the vehicle. And since the Convention-Expo was in Chicago, having to drive the ninety miles to Chicago was also a trip.
You listen to the TV news and get depressed at the violence committed by people on one another. The fact is one could have stayed at home and heard the same thing. That seems to be the state of our American cities these days. Then there is the slow and eye opening revelation that most of the people you knew have moved, left town or worst, died off. And that includes many of my relatives.

There is no escape from revisiting your own memories and beliefs during such a visit. Being at home allows you to compare eras, people and their behavior to the past. The fact that my daughter, Shawn Lynn visited Milwaukee during our time there also helped us to talk about the past. She is a fully grown forty-something young lady. Self-determination is not lost on this woman, yet she made us feel special that she is our daughter. She also reminded us that our nerves cannot stand constant chit-chat and older folks need time to recuperate after an evening of excitement.

Through it all, for me, there is nothing like being with family. The familiarity of it all is irreplaceable. I saw my sisters, brother, cousins and for a while, it seems like we never moved away.
But then I am a homebody. No matter where I visit, eventually, I am going to miss my house. Fourteen days is just about the length of time to be away from your personal residence. Unfortunately for me, I came back to the day to day occurrences of living at home. Yesterday it was a root canal to correct a tooth issue. Today I’m continuing to play catch-up and get back on schedule with my projects. Welcome home to me?

Peace, yet stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II


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This web site is a compilation of all my works, interest, and musical taste. Its intended to display all my talents, dreams, and aspirations. In short, join the ride or stay tuned. Because… I’d been chasing self-independence which led me to open a retail business. Success with no capital for expansion led to its closure. I wanted a career, not just a job. I needed to be in charge of my own destiny. In 1978, I left my beloved Milwaukee and moved to California where a civil service position awaited. It turned out to be one of the best decisions my wife, and I have ever made. A few years before retiring from the “rat race” in 1996, I discovered my true love, writing. I started by publishing an online newsletter with my own opinionated articles leading off each issue. I graduated by writing my first book, Unchon-ni (2010 publication), a semi-biography tale about my military tour in Korea in the early sixties. November of 2013 brought about the release of my second book, entitled Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, 1917-1953. It’s a tribute to my grandmother’s life and times while living in the segregated south of the United States. After careful consideration, I began broadcasting Hamp’s Corner of America via Blog Talk Radio in June of 2014. I’ve found the show to be an ideal platform for presenting ideas and comments to a segment of our society that may not see or hear the stories that speak to their interest from other American news outlets. In the politically charged years since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, most people have become accustomed to instant critique and sound bites from various media. More so than Obama’s election, the truth is often bent; twisted, shredded, and repackaged to resemble something that your conscious tells you is a lie. Independent thinking is not a lost art. Just because people with those types of opinions seem to dominate the landscape, they are still a minority, no matter their color or creed. The truth must be treasured and not compromised. Those real experiences supply the foundation upon which we are built and thus enable us to do the right thing based upon facts. That is the creed upon which I’ve based my life in every circumstance. No matter what, somehow one should always do the right thing for all involved. It keeps one grounded. I’ve reached my senior years and have an enormous appetite to see our local communities grow and prosper at the hands of the people in that community. In other words, there is no help like self-help. As of this summer’s 2015 date, I have three books in my production hopper. One (about my father’s life) to be released this fall, a fictional story by the spring of 2016 and a political environment book, schedule for a fall release in 2016. It should be noted that all my books have been and will be independently published by my choice of publishers. I can say at this point in my life, I am at peace with my work, my God, and my existence.

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