The NFL’s lack of Public Relations

The older I get, the more impatient I get with stupidity. Not your normal dumb things we do as humans. Because I would have a lot of problems with a few of my personal decisions. I’m talking about those NFL Owners conservative grandfathers who seem to live in a world of Archie Bunkers (All in The Family TV Show) 1950.
Now the Owners have voted to ban the kneeling of any protest during the National Anthem at the beginning of football games. Further confusing the issue, they have said those who don’t want to stand didn’t have to come out of the locker room at the playing of the National Anthem. The first-time individuals or a team stay inside, how do you think a team owner will respond? They have already revealed who they are behind the mask.
There is no need for me to go back over the issue of Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem at the start of football games. You know the story. Other football players plus other players in other leagues began to protest in their own way.
Enter the mouthings of one of the most hypocritical lying individuals who have no respect for this country’s traditions. A person who doesn’t seem to have the capability of selecting competing people to serve in positions within the United States Government. Also, a person who never served a day in the military. One who dared to question football demonstrating players.
Keeping in mind that these demonstrations were not about the US Flag. No, they specifically protested the almost automatic stop, frisk or shooting of any person of color. Any person other than white that looks, feels, makes sudden moves or has anything that is merely the same color as a weapon. Often concluding with the death of the subject who was pulled over by the police for a broken tail light. That is what those athletes were protesting.
For those people who thought they were disrespecting the US Flag…get a life. Frankly, I do know where you are coming from, after all, most of you voted for Trump. That pretty much gives us all great insight on your moral compass. Even at that, I, who did serve in the military openly stand by your rights to vote for whoever you want to in this country.
But for those fat cat NFL owners who are already rich and getting richer off local communities. Cities and towns that have laid off police officers, closed schools, etc. to support the building of a football stadium. One where they will have the privilege of paying an enormous price to see eight games of football. Not to think of the ridiculous prices paid at various concessions, parking and you name it. With each and every penny taking in added to the owners’ coffers or the NFL’s bottom line.
Most of these owners are conservative in nature and greedy by design. They enjoy a special tax designation and other political favors. Some have been accused of not trying to win a championship. They are just happy to enjoy the tax breaks and put an inferior product on the field each year.
I am a fan and have been a fan for decades. Although I should add, I don’t go to football games. I have and always have enjoyed the games on TV. I went to a pre-season Raider-Rams game at the Oakland Coliseum on tickets given to me. Nothing at that game changed my mind on the comforts of watching a game on my living room TV. But then that’s me.
To his credit, my favorite team’s owner (Jed York of the 49er’s) abstained from the voting. He wanted to talk to his players and get their feelings about such a move. This must have set Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys) and Bob Kraft’s (New England Patriots) hair on fire. At least the little hair they have left on their head. Mr. York went further by saying “I don’t think we should be profiting if we’re going to put this type of attention and focus on the field and on the flag.” This was in response to the subject of stopping concessions from being sold during the playing of the National Anthem.
It’s sort of like that concussion issue. Another issue they don’t know how to handle in the field of public opinion. The one constant with the NFL to remember, they are now and will always be concern with making more money at whoever’s expense.
Peace & Blessing…stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II
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