This Country Has Elected A Trump Type Before

The candidates are rounding the half mile heading for the finish line. Who will win? The race is still up in the air. On the one hand, we had a clear favorite as much as a week ago. That is until the Republican-leaning FBI Director broke protocol and injected himself into the race. You all know what happened there as well as the differing opinions as to why he did it. It’s all crystal clear as for why he chose to in my mind. I will leave you to your opinions.

But, I want to bring up another election from another time. It is the 2000 election I am referring to when Republican George W. Bush received 271 Electoral votes to Democrat Al Gore, Jr’s 266. Let’s just say we let our country and Al Gore down during a very important election.  No need to bring up the recount issues in Florida and the ultimate party line Supreme Court decision that gave G Dubya the presidency.

Instead, I want to remind everyone of the aftermath of that historic election and Supreme Court decision. The US became involved in an ‘all war all the time’ in some remote region of the world. Terrorists attacked us. We bonded as a nation only to find our country in a senseless war by G Dubya and the Chaney administration. They had some people cowering in their homes listening for various levels (see picture) Homeland Security Warnings. Maybe we should use these kinds of warnings when we have candidates who are unqualified to hold any political office much less president of the United States. But then I’m getting ahead of myself.

By the time President Obama took office the surplus left by outgoing President Bill Clinton was now a large deficit. The best way I can point out how it was at the time? You have to google the media political cartoons that were printing which framed the new president’s task.  All warned in some form or fashion the need to fix the Economy, Iraq War, and Global Warning, War on Terror, Bin Laden still alive, Energy, Afghanistan, Russia, and Inflation.  And let’s not forget the Mortgage Housing crises which threaten to lower the United States credit level around the world. Some in the Republican Party were yelling let the US default on its debts.

Over the last eight years, President Obama has slowly pulled ourselves and the country from the brink of failed financial policies. Policies I might add that the current Republican Candidate wants to recreate and adapt. Jesus Christ…please protect this country from itself.  It was a job in which he’s had to work around Republican obstructionist.

And now, history seems to be repeating itself by providing Americans with a choice between a well-known faulty individual.  A woman who’ve been investigated almost as much as President Obama. Are we poised to elect the next George W Bush like president again?

The difference I see is that G Dubya is not so outward impulsive, innately vengeful, or deviously calculating or tied so closely to improving his personal fortune as the Donald. I think G Dubya cared for this country and there lies the big difference in my mind. The Donald cares for the Donald and only the Donald. He has proven that time and time again during this campaign. There are scores of Americans who have bought into this farce of a man. The question on everybody else’s mind is why?

Let’s get past his legitimization of right wing extremist, i.e. Klu Klux Klan, Alt-Right and every Tom, Dick, and Harriet on the fringe of a white revolution in this country. We will group them in the…oh, I don’t know, let’s call them Deplorable.  Why don’t we also skip the anti-Hillary Rodham Clinton voters along with the hate any and everything Clinton group?  Who’s left?  Not that many people in my mind.

Because in reality, the only people that are left are those who genuinely think Mrs. Clinton will make a horrible president. My question to those folks is will she screw up America’s standing in the world, undermine our democracy, feed her personal coffers while not giving a hoot about this country as much as the Donald? I don’t think so.

Now you know where I am going with this article. You think G Dubya screwed up our country. This country, in fact, the world will not be the same during a Donald Trump’s presidency.  The Republicans don’t care as long as they get ideologues on the Supreme Court. As long as they get re-elected, they think the Donald will be manageable in the White House. Based upon what, I have no idea.

All those people who will vote for him think they are going to be better off. Once again, better off than whom? Of course, the real extremists think they are going to have a free hand to push their agenda against people of color. I got news for you. That is not going to work. People are not going back in some hole to hide from people of authority. People of Color are not going back to the 1950’s.  We still deal with racists on a daily basis. You think we have forgotten the struggles of the Civil Rights era.

The Donald has not proposed a program that will improve any industry or governmental entity in the United States. Why? Because he doesn’t have a plan or program that will ‘Make America Great Again.’ How is he going to bring jobs to this economy? His entire policy is Washington DC, and Hillary is crooked, elect me to fix it. Based on what we’ve seen from him during this campaign, he is not qualified to be in charge of my life or America lives in general. Based on what we know about his business practices; qualifications for our president? I don’t think so. Is he morally and spiritually qualified to be the United States of America’s president?  No, would be the summary answer.

We have already seen eight years of what would be a mild administration compared to a Trump presidency.  All one has to do is remember or google the highlights of the G Dubya and Chaney administration. Remember, our world allies are watching to see how this plays out. So is Russia.

Peace, make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,


Codis Hampton II

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