Why Should we care about our country?

Why should you care what happens in this country? The death of George Floyd, with countless others throughout the seventies, up through today. The election of a president who lacks the moral leadership of an average American. A consistent thirty to thirty-five percent following that can see no, I repeat, no flaws by this president as a representative of our country. A need to change the culture of police forces around this country from sometimes acting as an occupational force rather than to protect, serve all citizens. A partisan divide that is threatening to tear apart this country. Again, one might ask, why should we care what happens in our country? Because neglecting to pay attention to what is going on from our local political electors to the white house is how we got to our current situation.

Once there was a question, do our young folks care…? well, do you hear, see them now on your daily news outlet. With the absence of governmental leadership apparent during this COVID19 pandemic, we long for signs of any consistent leaders to step up, show themselves.  Meanwhile, we, as individuals, should do our part for our country. The long or short answer to why we should care is because it is your country. This is our house. Depending upon your ethnicity, some may say it does not belong to you, or you don’t belong in it. Other ethnicities try to take claim of the United States even though their forefathers arrived after others were already here.

During the civil rights era, marchers often heard the anti-demonstrators shout, “go back to Africa; we don’t want you here.” There is so much wrong with that phrase; I don’t have time to go through the thought process. Let me say, the blood, sweat, tears, and bones of my ancestors buried in grounds of America.  

However, you see some young, middle-aged, or older folks doing things that make light of the coronavirus warning. It’s as though they have some magic shield that prevents them from contacting COVID19. For the young, the thought may be that nothing could harm me at this age. For others, it’s just stupidity of the subject.   

So, they go on about their daily business, some not knowing if they already have the virus spreading it around like a “get sick” card. Others believing, they never get sick, so it doesn’t apply to them. It’s like that old Mad Comic Book character, Alfred E Neuman…” What me worry?”

The demonstrations against the shelter-in-place Governor orders in Michigan some weeks ago looked sick to me. They show up with rifles, pistols, a couple of confederate flags, signs that let you know they support Trump. What a joke. Those who are paying attention know this virus has no specific targets. Everybody encountering it is vulnerable. Asthmatics suffer more than others, but everybody can catch COVID19.   

Or we could look at it another way. Yes, this is my country. I was born here; I have put down my roots. And the utmost, in my opinion, my ancestors grew up, raised generations of children, helped build this country from the wilderness, desert. No one has more claim to this country than my people or me.

My fellow countrymen, generations that followed, let’s be honest with ourselves. We’ve seen developments, incidents, whatever you want to call them that we thought we would never see in our lifetime. Some thought our Baby Boomer generation went too far. Others felt we hit the right notes, pushed the correct agenda for societal change. We wonder why it didn’t last.

Music guided our thought process. Some of the most important, thoughtful, meaningful songs were written in the sixties, seventies decade. A talented artist from all genres of music was in bands or solo artists that added to the diaspora of the day. Groups marched to effect change by certain songs. They formed opinions, calculated life strategies that contributed to real changes in our society. Again, why didn’t the forced changes last?  

The hippy generation brought about the loved one and all attitude. Everybody was a valuable person. They felt that all had something to contribute to society. We all thought we counted for something. We became proud of our country as change for the better was seen, felt, practiced in our daily lives. By now, you may be asking the same question, why didn’t the attitude changes last up through today?

We saw the election of an African American President. President Obama had more patience with the right-wing Republican Party than he should have, then again, that’s just my opinion. We hoped in vain that we had turned a racial corner in this country. Only to be shocked back to reality before Mr. Obama served a day. Mitch McConnel, with the aid of other Republicans, felt that it was his job to see that President Obama didn’t have a second term. That did not work, so they did everything else under the sun to block his powers. Republican Lawmakers in charge of both houses of Congress controlled the agenda. Laws expired, were never addressed, politics became a partisan rule.

That is why the sixties implemented laws did not last up through today. The rise of the Tea Party, hidden racism, a lot of nervous people who saw their majority slide into a minority. That produced a changing attitude, once again pushed by the Republican Party.    

In the past, we saw wars, conflicts that began because some guy somewhere believes he is the chosen one. So, his fellow countrymen should be indebted to him. Now we see the same type of politician in our county of the United States of America. He thinks we should do what he says, do not fret the big decisions. He is all-knowing about all subjects. He alone will address issues. Yet we see different problems left unsolved, mismanaged, or not managed (COVID19) at all.     

The political parties drifted into partisan groups because the Americas stood by, did nothing. We watched as Washington DC politicians on the right seem to care less about all Americans, only catering to a very few.

The attitude now is ‘I’ve got or is going to get mine no matter who I have to step on to get it.’ The bottom line, this is not the America we once knew. Just because a third of the people follow this president, it does not make his policies right for all Americans. Sometimes people are not sure what is best for them if they do not have all the facts.

According to a political science Stony Brook professor Helmut Norpoth, who has correctly predicted five out of six elections since 1996, Trump will win in November. He  told Mediaite on Tuesday., “The Primary Model gives Trump a 91 percent chance of winning in November.” Let that resonate in your brain for a moment. Can this country stand another four years of Trump or his Republican Party?

The answer to stopping this weird merry go round is to vote during this presential election. As citizens, we are responsible for the direction taken by our country. Too many have died for the rights we currently have for us to check out or say to hell with America. Please vote for the restoration of our country’s core values. Let us take hold of our future, vote for representatives, folks running for the Senate, and a president that has Americans’ best interest at heart. Once installed in their job, you will see the beauty of being free and an American.   

Peace & Blessing, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                          

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