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Bernie Sanders loomed large as champion a movement of sorts. His programs or remedies for the improved health of America is free this or free that. Maybe, just maybe, the results in South Carolina reminded Sanders that the United States of America is a capitalist democracy. Free is not a word that’s easily digested in America. The populace interprets Free as a substantial product no matter what it entails. The first question in these cases is pretty much the same; nothing is free in the US of A. It’s a pay me now or pay me later society, but pay me you will in the end.
Thus, the opposing party, Trump and Republican voters, see Sanders as a socialist. They paint him and the Democratic Party as socialist opportunists bordering on something akin to communist ideals. By now, the Democratic Party understands the Republican playbook in a national election. That may not have been evident in 2016, but who thought Trump would get elected. So, Democrats went to sleep and woke up to a nightmare. Trump got elected President of the US. They don’t intend to make this same mistake in 2020.
Michal Bloomberg had some credible ideas with a modest record of success of sorts as the mayor of New York. Then Elizabeth Warren sank him in the debates. End of story.
Take a moment to reflect on the presidency from 2008 through 2016—a time when Barack Obama served as our President. The office, as well as the man, was respected in many parts of the world. President Obama bent over backward, trying to work with Republicans to pass legislation. No good, they played hardball and denied advancement or progress wherever they could.
Yet there was a feeling, actionable evidence that the White House was in the hands of people who would make intelligent decisions on matters that came up daily. You may not have agreed with every decision that came from the President. But you never had reason to believe that our allies would not be served, or various arms of the government would not function because of actions directly attributed to the Commander-in-Chief.
Let me say as an African American Black Senior. If Trump is in the White House for another four years, one may not recognize our country after the first year of his next term. Note how he is handling his first major crisis. The coronavirus is yet another indicator of how this President thinks and reacts to events facing the current administration. Reports indicate they were warned back in October 2019 about the current COVID19 pandemic
His administration’s efforts as head of the most powerful, original body, mobile military, resourceful workforce in the world act as if his head is buried in the sand. They are acting from a reactive position in place of a proactive body. Not as one large, coordinating organization dealing with the tentacles of COVID19. Now daily after several wasted weeks, they appear before camera looking and sounding like high schoolers, providing half an effort to a requirement that calls for all-out attention. The White House acts as if they are not in charge of the Government response. What a wasted effort and misuse of talent.
The truth is it may be hard to understand the decision-making process of rules, etc. Trump has already issued during the last four years. He may not ever want to leave the office and attempt to make his reelection permanent until death. The Republican Senate Majority is just a rubber stamp for this President. There is nothing that would surprise me anymore about the intentions of Trump and his blind to the fact’s followers.
Then, there is Joe Biden. Good old reliable Joe. A gold star member of the Obama coalition. Not without his faults, as none other than President Barack Obama had to hold Joe back at times. Supposedly he had a problem with loose lips.
He stands out as the candidate that will bring organizational skills back to the White House. Government Agencies will once again be allowed to simply do their job without having to resort to some type of political slant. As a former Defense Department employee, I know how important it is to be free to perform your daily duties regardless of which party is in the White House, or Congress. Oh, to be sure something silly would always pop up, just as quickly disregarded as duty still prevailed over any other suggestions.
We need the respect and guidance of our nation’s ideals in our government. We need those marching orders that would address wars, pandemics, or other world or national catastrophe at the speed and effectiveness required to make a difference. It is sickening to see our governments at the hands of Trump. There are people just waiting for marching orders while the current commander in chief looks as if he doesn’t know what to do. On second thought, maybe he has no clue.
Remember that as you vote this November. We can’t afford to deal with people who stand in place, especially when the requirement calls for action.
Peace & Blessing, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II
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